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Has anyone else seen, or like, this serise? I personally like the Manga better, since the show cut out many things, but excluding the sexuality and nudity, I thought this was a masterpeice. The character development was perfect, and combining a variety of different genres, including love, horror, action-adventure, etc, etc. A very underrated show and manga. There are too many people who dont know about it, and I personally think it should have been up there with DBZ and such. (But I guess it couldnt since its intended for older readers/veiwers). Anywhoo, I could be wrong. Let me know your opinions! Gutts, Gatts, Guts, Gats, or what ever other name you might have heard (The offical name is Gutts) is an amazing character. Grifith was a cool guy at first, but when Gutts left it went all down hill for him. I am only up to I think Volume 12? of the serise, so I have a long way to go still! >.<

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