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BARATTACK now on DVD Complete Box set! & English dubbed version too!

Tondera Otaku's picture


Hey great news! I see now in Japan that they are planning on releasing the complete original BARATTACK anime series on DVD in a box set! Check out,
This was a cool sci fi classic a lot of us fans had to rely on old shared video tape copies through fan clubs for years, but finally now we can get the complete anime series! What would be really great is if they released it along with the English dubbed audio track don't you think? I've seen those English dubbed episodes they show on YouTube, etc. It's a shame it was never shown on tv here too. It came out back like when the classic VOLTES V English dub was popular I recall. Was it ever shown on those Hawaiian Japanese tv stations too? I know back then they tried English dubbing some other scifi anime for test marketing etc as I recall. Anyone else know what other anime / sci fi titles were tested? They even had an English dub version of ULTRA 7 many years before that newer dubbed version got shown on TNT. It's hard to find the original dubbed translation. Ussually we only find the newer dub Ted Turner had years back on You Tube etc. Sadly that newer dub wasn't every episode I recall. The translation they did years earlier in Hawaii was however complete. I know I'd buy the 1st dub of the complete series if it ever comes out. Also I'd really like to buy the complete DVD box set of BARATTACK if they ever sell it here in the US with English dub too. I guess in the mean time we'll have to try to order it from Japan.

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