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Background info on Hatsumi Shinobi so you know about her. She's a primary protagonist in my season script.

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Chief of Ground Staff Hatsumi Shinobi was born on April 17, 1997 in Fukuoka-shi, Japan. Her father was Masashi Shinobi, a vice admiral in the Maritime Self Defense Army. Her mother was Yoko Tsuneki, who was married to Masashi. She was the military secretary to the Chief of Joint Staff when Hatsumi was 9 years of age. At a young age, Hatsumi was involved in a terrible car accident while she was visiting her grandfather, Shigeru Shinobi. Shigeru and Hatsumi were hospitalized. Due to her injuries, Hatsumi's parents were forced to have her recieve a new full prosthetic body. Masashi was very reluctant to go through with the process but agreed since he cherished his only child's life. Hatsumi appeared much as she does now when she was a little girl. She had crimson hair, much in the same hairstyle, and she also had red eyes. Even after the accident, Hatsumi was an energetic child and looked up to her parents. When she was late into her elementary schooling, Hatsumi took a great and keen interest in the military. When Hatsumi entered high school, she had already swapped into a more mature teenage prosthetic body, still retaining her crimson hairstyle and red eyes. Her father sent her to live with Shigeru Shinobi while she was in high school as a military apprentice to him. Shigeru Shinobi was a retired rear admiral in the MSDA and gladly taught his granddaughter everything from military and war tactics to the political structure and discipline of the Self Defense Army. He also taught her the history of Japan's military from the early feudal eras to that present day. Hatsumi became engulfed in her apprenticeship and her schooling. She learned that her ancestors were samurai during feudal Japan and they passed down that tradition throughout the ages. She learned that her grandfather and her father were official samurai as well. This explained why the Shinobi family were highly militarized. Since Masashi and Yoko didn't have a son, their daughter, Hatsumi, was initiated into samurai by her grandfather. When Hatsumi graduated from high school, she immediately joined the Ground Self Defense Army at age 18. Her father wanted her to join the Maritime Self Defense Army, like himself and his father and grandfather before him, but she followed her deceased great-uncle, Hitori Shinobi, by joining the GSDA. Hatsumi quickly rose through the ranks and entered the officer ranks when she was 20 years of age. When she was 22 years of age, she was promoted to Colonel and had swapped into an even more mature body, still retaining her customary appearance. The fourth World War was under way and Hatsumi was stationed in the Peninsula in command of a UN unit. It wasn't long after that when a young female lieutenant named Masako Kobayashi entered Colonel Hatsumi Shinobi's life. Hatsumi had always kept this secret from her family in fear of being disowned. Hatsumi and Masako developed intimate feelings for each other and were married soon after. Hatsumi was 23 years of age. Not long after, Hatsumi met Major Motoko Kusanagi, who was her subordinate for a time. Hatsumi and Motoko did not like each other much. Major Kusanagi was then transferred out of Hatsumi's unit at the Colonel's request. It wasn't because Hatsumi wanted to get rid of the Major, but she believed that her skills were needed someplace else. After the end of World War IV, Hatsumi was promoted from Major General to General. She was in command of the Itami Garrison and prevented an armed uprising from refugees of the previous World War who were in league with political extremist groups. For this feat, Hatsumi became the Chief of Ground Staff in 2024. She was 25 years of age and her father was proud that his daughter was in command of the GSDA. Hatsumi had not uttered a word to her family of her marraige to Masako Kobayashi. She completely resculpted the GSDA, making it more efficient than it has ever been. In 2028, she went through her final prosthetic body refitting and swap. She was 31 years of age. When Hatsumi was 29 years of age, she met the man that would cause her so many problems, Major General Toshio Hamauzu. Toshio Hamauzu was a colleague with her father and the two had helped siphon illegal funds to former Party Secretary Yakushima. Hamauzu's true goal was to destroy the Shinobi family in order to eventually gain control of the GSDA and become the Chief of Joint Staff without any opposition. The Shinobi family was always known to quickly climb the ranks in every military branch and were always held in high regard for their military knowledge and their highly valued skills. Hamauzu viewed Hatsumi as a threat to him and leaked the information to Masashi, Yoko, and even Shigeru that Hatsumi was a lesbian and was married to Masako Kobayashi. The Vice Admiral was furious and disowned his daughter, preventing her from ever setting foot inside of his house ever again. Yoko was much more open-minded than her husband was and did not disown her daughter. She merely told Hatsumi to stay strong and not to give into her father's discrimination. Hatsumi and Masako even recieved Yoko's blessing. Shigeru was on his deathbed from cyberbrain sclerosis when he heard the news. He requested that he see his granddaughter and her wife before he died. They visited Shigeru in the hospital, where Hatsumi and Masako bowed to him. He wasn't offended by Masako and was very pleased to see her with his granddaughter. Shigeru's last words were to Hatsumi and he said, "Be good to her, Hatsumi." They were the last people he saw before he died. Hamauzu leaked the information in order to break up the Shinobi family and succeeded in cutting the bond between Masashi and Hatsumi, he strengthened the bond between Yoko and Hatsumi, however, and Shigeru was now dead. Chief of Ground Staff Hatsumi Shinobi learned that Hamauzu was the one who destroyed her relationship to her father and has hated him ever since.

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