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Are you a Prince/Princess?..... O.o Do you wanna be???

xXxMorbidLovexXx's picture

Same as the other one.... just answer the questions and i'll give you your answers!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Honestly, have you ever discriminated anyone?No! It's not right!Sometimes.Maybe once or twice?Yes. Always! Do you want to be the center of attention?No...I feel uncomfortable...Yes! I'm a prince/princess and should be the center of attention.I don't really care but if it happens, it happens!Yes. But only for al the wrong reasons!! Do people find you fun and easy to be with?Yes, most of the time...Yes, sometimes...Yes. Always! I'm a natural!Yes...But we have fun doing all the wrong things!! Are you fashionable/ trendy?Not really... I wear white most of the time...Definitely! I follow fashion closely!All right... I have my own fashion sense...Not really... I wear black most of the time... Do you love children and other little creatures?Yes...They're so cute!Mostly...But not all the time...Sometimes...No... They're noisy and dirty!! Do you believe that nobody is really evil?Yes...Everyone is good by nature.Most of the times...Sometimes...But i sceptical of some people...Negative! Everybody is evil by nature... Can you bear sufferings and pain to reach your goals?Yes...But only for the greater good.No...You're not used to suffering...Depends on the situation...Yes...Pain is essential for glory... Do you often excuse those who have done wrong?Definitly...You believe in giving second chances...Depends on what's wrong...Most of the time... But there are some people who you can not excuse...Never! You feel right and wrong should be clearly divided. Would you consider yourself elegant and sociable?People often prais you that way but you yourself feel that you're     simply like any normal person.Yes. It's in you to be elegant and sociable.Sometimes.Never! It's just not you. Do you wish for world peace?Yes. Who doesn't!?Yes. But it's not really so important to you.Yes. But it doesn't really bother you.No. The world will never be at paece!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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