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Acting Skills

Hell Wind's picture

I Wanna Work On My Acting Skills So If You Dont Mind Ill Start Buy Tring To Act out My Fav Scene in FFVII You Guys Can Juge K?? Here Goes Heehee alright ill be doing kadaj when he goes to rufus for the frist time!  *the room is wropped in silence. Reno and Rude are on the floor(alive)* Rude & Reno:*Groan* kadaj: Boy, do I hate liars.Rufus: I apologize. This time you'll get the truth. The objet you seek fell from the helicopter while we were running from you. I'm afraid we were careless.Kadaj: Is that right?Rufus:I swear itKadaj: Fine. Then swear on these*Kadaj tosses two Shinra IDs cards onto Rufus's lap. The bloodstained ID cards belong to Tseng And Elena*Rufus:Why did you do this?Kadaj: We need Mothers power. The Reunion is coming....and we NEED her.Rufus:Reunion...Kadaj:My brothers and sisters who share Mother's cells wil all assemble. And together we'll take revenge on the planet. We've already sent out the invitations but...you know. Someone's gone and hidden the guest of honor.Reno & Rude:*Groan*Rufus: Invitations...?Kadaj: The stigma. But you know all about that, sir. Mother's memetic legacy lives on in the Lifestream and makes it happen.(Fighting Tears) she does so much for us, and we...we don't even know where to find her. But what can we do? we're just remnats--remnats of Mother's leagacy. Until we find mother and receive her cells, we can't be whole again. Geostigma and a legacy aren't enough. Not for a true Reunion.Rufus: What do you mean?Kadaj:But sir...Surely you've noticed?*Kadaj kneels before Rufus as would a knght swearing fealty(?) He touches Rufus with his right hand. A shock runs through Rufus*  Well Thats it heehee that was fun! How Bout' You Guys Try Something Like This? It Doesnt Matter What It Is Just Have Fun when Doing It

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