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10 reasons i'd say i love you

Yakuro_Kurosu's picture

!. if i had a dime for everytime i thought of you,even when we werent together, we'd both be living in a mansion.2. if my dreams arent about you. they're bad dreams.3.i was once stared at you for so long that your background became the sunset of a beach.4.you ever promised me that you'd never let me die, you better hoped to god you dont die yourself or promise broken.5. if you said my eyes glitter i'd say only cause your eye's sparkle reflects for them.6. if you were a mocking bird. i wouldn't get a sin for hunting you, i'd get a sin for killing the other hunters.7. my favorite song was the one you suggested.8. if we were ever split up ill be damned to the devil himself.9. if you were crazy, then im insane.10. if you smiled. i'd say i loved you

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