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My Manga
We've built in space for every user to introduce themselves to other anime fans. On My Manga, tell the world all about you, your favorites in anime, and anything else! We've created some great avatars to use in your profile, or you can upload one for yourself.

Buddy Lists
Keep track of your Manga.com friends by adding them to your buddy list. You'll be the first to know when your buddy has uploaded a cool new avatar or posted something absolutely RIDICULOUS in the forums.

Your work in the Manga corps will be rewarded. The activity you generate through posts and enlisting your friends into the Manga corps will be tracked. The more recruits you enlist, the higher your rank will be. From exclusive content to cool merchandise, the higher your rank, the more benefits you get. That's right, as part of the Corps, you get paid and what better payment than the stuff we Otakus dig: exclusive stuff to make your friends jealous. ^_^. Start today as a recruit and make your way to the coveted role of a Otaku God!

So get started creating your profile, picking an avatar, posting to forums, and earning points. And we've only just begun...stay tuned to Manga.com for even more features like checking out what's new in BOOK Manga!

Manga Points Program Rank and Awards

Manga Points Program Members will receive a link to redeem Awards each time they achieve a new rank based
on the number of Points they accrue as outlined in the table below.   Awards are limited to 1 per Member per rank achieved.

Point Level




Otaku Recruit

My Manga Page Badge (logo no Kanji)


Otaku Graduate

Badge (logo with Kanji)


Otaku Monster

Badge (logo with revised Kanji)


Otaku Ninja

Exclusive Clip

(Member will receive access to a single title video player with an exclusive video clip (updated regularly as determined by STM) from the then available manga.com video library.


Otaku Sifu

Exclusive Content

(Member will receive access to a multiple title video player with exclusive video clips (updated regularly as determined by STM) from the then available manga.com video library. 


Otaku Elite

Select promotional merchandise (e.g., key chain, poster, action figure) determined by STM (merchandise to be sent to Member via U.S. mail)*


Otaku God

(1) DVD selected by manga.com staff (DVD to be mailed to Member via U.S. mail)*

  • Member will receive a link to complete a redemption form to receive the Award.  

Click here to see the Official Points Rules
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