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Make your own anime character

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Make your own anime character. It can be from your favorite anime or one you are currently watching. Here is a form for you to get an idea of how to structure it:
NAME-character's name.
AGE-character's age
RACE- Human, Neko, Demon, Angle, Alien, Vampire, etc....
SEX-character's gender.
SEXUAL ORENTATION-heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual.
MARITAL STATUS-family life information may also be applicable here.
WEAPON OF CHOICE-character's weapon(s).
DESCRIPTION-character's physical description, you can also upload pics.
HISTORY-character's back story; motivations, agendas, etc.
PERSONALITY-character's personality.
FIGHTING STYLE-the way your character fights: you can either base it off a real fighting style or make one up.
LIKES / DISLIKES-character's likes and...you guessed it, dislikes.
ALONE / GROUP- does your character fight alone or is he/she part of a clan / group? Information on the group or why he/she fights alone may be applicable (it could also be in the history category).
OTHER- think of this as a wild card category.

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