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Sukoshi Con Destination Anime 2013

Wendee Lee, Shelby Lindley, and Marianne Miller

Team Unicorn, Jezeroth, Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan, Karma Karmelita, and Trixie Valentine

Final Weapon, The Gekkos, SkAttered Union, The Slants, and Bloo Von Dollie

91.8 The Fan, DJ GIANT ROBOT!, and Sephi Hakubi

For info on these guest go to this link Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

You can buy passes at this link Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

They are Currently going for $45.00 for a single pass and $40.00 for the group pass be on the look out for the special discount codes for this month they will save you $10.00

Current Dealers List

Gaijin USA, Inc
NeoEdo Designs LLC
Stuck On Anime
Treasure Nest
Aardvark Tees
Athens Anime
Cordy's Corner
Fenyx Design
GameMasters Guild
Griffon's Claw - Lost and Faust Freak Division
Pika Anime
White Lightning Productions
Wonderland Creations

There is only one day remaining to buy dealers passes here is the link to buy them Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

Artist your passes also only have one day remaining for your passes here is the link to buy them Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

Other New information
FREE Shuttle Service for Hotel Guests!

For our guests who book at Destination Anime's host hotel, there will be shuttle services to and from the convention site! Shuttle runs occur every 15 minutes so book your hotel room today!

For Location information go to Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

List of Events

Destination Anime Main Events

Steampunk 101
A discussion of what steampunk is, where it is going, and how to get started on a budget. Can also cover setting up groups for socializing, role play, etc

Steampunk DIY
How to make your own props, an intro to basic leather working, costuming, and a question and answer session with the audience.

Florida Whammy Entertainment
Ever want to be on an anime gameshow? Want to watch others make fools of themselves?Get ready for laughter and enjoy!

It's back and filled with more DOOM and Prizes than ever! If you want to have a silly fun time and maybe experience a little Doom yourself, check it out and be prepared!

My Little Brony
Hang with the coolest kids in ponyville and chat about why we love the new My Little Ponies and its pop culture infestation.

FAN:dom Con WTF is it?
FAN:dom con is a convention started by a few friends one day at Pensacola beach. What started out as a dream became a reality when they hosted their first year in 2010. The convention has grown considerably in size since then and the founders are excited about going in to year 4. This panel will give you access and information to all things FAN:dom con!

Cosplay Contest
Make sure to wear your best for our all-star judges who can’t wait to see what you can bring to the table. Hosted by cosplay guests: Crabcat, Jezeroth, and Trixie J. Valentine.

Learn to Play Go
Go is a 4,000 year old Asian Strategy game. Learn to play and love this traditional asian game.

Cosplay Modeling & Photography
Get tips and hands on help with cosplay modeling & photography. Then test it out in front of the camera with sukoshicon's photographers!

Come sing your heart out! Enjoy some great anime sing along songs. Be sure to sign-up for your favorite song!

Guest Voice Actors Group Q & A Spectacular
Have a question for one of our amazing voice actors or just want to chat them up and figure out the how and why of what they do? This is the panel for you!

"Wait, what? You haven't see these AMV's? Put down the program and get in here to watch some of best user-created anime music videos ever created."

Homestuck Q&A
This panel will be a question and answer session based on the popular webcomic series Homestuck. Each of the main characters will answer questions from the audience about their lives and about each other. This panel promises tons of fun to a big crowd full of a variety of fans from throughout the convention.

Riichi Mahjong
Riichi Mahjongg has been featured in numerous anime (notability in Saki and Akagi). It is exciting, suspenseful, and tense at times (play and watching). This panel will give a tutorial in how to play this style of Mahjongg in simple terms. The tutorial will cover types of tiles, game procedures, an explanation of winning hands, score calculation, and a game demonstration.

The Ultimate Showdown
Ultimate Destiny!...We've all been through this. Superman and Goku. Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds. No matter who the participants, it always boils down to the same question. Cast your vote with the impartial judges and fellow audience members as we dare to ask WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT?

Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt is back and better than ever.Sign up at registration and get a list of items! Competition is based on points, not only do you get a point for each item you find, but also the more creative you are, the more points you get! RULES: You must bring me either the item on the list or a picture of the item! No Internet photos! One item can NOT count for two items on the list! HAVE FUN WARNING: Expect the unexpected!

Maid Cafe Join our adorable maids for food and fun! If you are interested in being a maid please click HERE.

Steampunk Ball
Get ready to rub elbows with your fellow steampunk aficionado and dance the evening away in your finest!

18+ Anime Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare anime style is back....only this time its all grown up.

What Would YOU Do?
The audience will answer the question to most craziest scenarios out there. Some of the questions may include: "One night, the reincarnation of Godzilla comes knocking on your front door and asks to mate with you. This reincarnation is in the form of a beautiful Asian lady, but your instincts only tell you you will only mate with native Alaskan albino women." What do YOU do? Cash prizes will be given to the best answers!

Yaoi Trivia
Hang out with Rowan, the resident fanboy of Sukoshicon, and talk about why you love yaoi and learn some interesting stuff through trivia!

Dub Your Own Hentai
Hentai is one thing but what happens when the fans are left to decide what the characters are really saying?

Asian Beer Tasting (21+)
Hang out, drink, and discuss the different beers of asia. Find out where they came from and why they are great...or just make up your own mind!
Gaming Tournament & Events

P4A Tournament
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Tournament
Rock Band Tournament
DDR Max 2 Tournament
Call of Duty Tournament
Beyblade Tournament
Munchkin Tournament
Pokemon TCG Tournament
Yugioh Tournament
Magic the Gathering Tournament
Jenga Tournament
Dungeons & Dragons 4th ed. Gaming
Taunto Cuore Demo
Giant Zombie Dice
Viewing Room

Hanasaku Iroha
Blue Exorcist
Ano Hana
Mawaru Penguindrum
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Summer Wars
Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
Denpa Onna
Mirai Nikki
High Schoolt of the Dead
Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai (18+)
Madoka Magica
Battle Royale

the link with this information is Sukoshicon: Destination Anime - Destined for Anime Heaven!

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Also code "neel" saves you $10.00 on pre-reg passes only 10 passes to available with this code behind them offer ends dec 31,2012

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