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is this really not available in the UK? I've been looking on the app store on Xbox every time I hit the dashboard, and its never there.

I'm really excited to see where this goes. I just downloaded the app, you guys have my support.
I like Anime and I have read a lot of mangas so it's a no brainer for me to download this. 
Though when I see that all the Animes are listed under a Manga sub category in the app, and the website says "Manga movies and tv series," it makes me think that you guys don't know the difference between Mangas and Animes.
I really have no problem with it, but Anime fans might not like it if they see that you're calling their favorite shows manga... and Manga fans might get confused when they see that there are no Mangas to read inside of Manga.
I think it's alright to call the app Manga since all Anime's are based off of Mangas... and titles can be arbitrary. But it might look better if you wrote captions like "watch your favorite anime tv shows or movies," to at least show you know the lingo, and that you're fans as well. 

Manga in this case is refering to the company name, not the type of media.

all you need to do is make a new xbox account and make you local unite states and use like a @yahoo.com email :) and you will be able to download it GL

Bonne continuation mang.com ! Je suis impatient d’essayer ces jeux sur ma xbox !

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i've had the app since it came out and its cool butthere is one big problem with it,on the page that comes up where it says new content every tuesday, so far you have not had any new movies or anything in months, it would be nice to see some new shows and movies, i dont mean brand new just new choices, because most are shown on tv too, so please update your lineup

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its in the mail

When is this app available in the UK on xbox 360. bein waiting for so long its 2013 and still  no app on xbox dashboard for downloading

I am so desperate to have this application. Hopefully it will be available soon. Will keep in touch for the update! Thanks.
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