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the book i am wrighting

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here is the frist chapter that i just finished tonight---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Hey wake up.”

“Uh who are you and who am I?” asked the boy
“My name is Laura,” “Are you ok?” questioned Laura.
“I Think I am fine, owww my head hurts,” Whined the boy.
“Come inside and lay down you may feel better.” kindly requested Laura.
“Thanks,” the boy responded.
“Laura who is that?” Laura’s mom questioned.
“That’s my new friend but he does not know his name,” Laura Answered.
“Hey little boy where are your parents?” Asked Laura’s mom.
“I don’t know who or where they are,” Answered the boy.
“Well lets get you some new clothes,” Suggested Laura’s mom. “Well there is not much in here for boys so lets see . . . we have clothes from my husband but hmm, ah here is a dark blue t-shirt it will be a little big but you will grow into it. Here are some tan shorts but they will work as pants for you.”
“Thanks for the clothes, but may I lay down for a while?” asked the boy.
“Sure and I will send Laura to get some herbs,” responded Laura’s mom. “Laura go get some herbs from the nearby field and take the sickle.” Laura’s mom demanded.
“Ok, be right back” Laura responded as she headed to the nearby field. “These should be the herbs,” Laura said to herself as she started chopping. After picking the herbs Laura headed back home. Laura announced “I am back.”
“I’ll prepare the herbs and Laura get the boy some water and a proper breakfast,” Laura’s mom commanded.
“Here you are,” announced Laura as she gave the boy some water and a piece of steak.
“Thank you Laura,” said the boy.
“Lets see, what should we call you,” pondered Laura, ”hmm . . . ah I know how about Luke?”
“Sure” Answered Luke.
“Here they are and why don’t you drink some of you water with the herbs, it might help” Laura’s mom suggested.
“Thanks for all the help” Luke said.
“No problem” answered Laura’s mom, “Lets see you look around the same age as my 11 year old daughter, Laura, so if you want to stay here you will have chores to do” Insisted Laura’s mom.
“I would like to be called Luke,” requested Luke “And I can do chores,”
“Ok go with Laura to get some fresh mushrooms from the near by field plus get some water from the river,” commanded Laura’s mom.
“Ready to go Luke,” asked Laura.
“Were you eavesdropping on me?” Questioned Luke.
“Luke, we have to go,” Nagged Laura.
“Fine,” whined Luke.
As they went to the field to collect some herbs Luke asked “what is that thing Laura?”
“That is a giant black Rambear, we should just stay out of it’s way,” Laura explained.
“Why should we stay away from it?” asked Luke
Laura answered “It’s huge and it’s just a baby, so if we disturb it its mother it will most likely attack us, oh and also the mother can get to10 feet tall,”
Luke questioned “Is it me or is the Rambear getting closer?”
“Run Luke” Laura demanded as she rushed toward the Rambear. “I’ll stall the Rambear as you run Luke,”
“Why?” asked Luke
“Because I am a faster runner,” answered Laura
“But I can not just leave you here” Luke said
“Ok then lets step back and regroup so we can charge at it,” Laura explained as she jumped back.
As they charged Luke saw someone and Inquired “do you know who that is behind the Rambear Laura?”
“Yes I do Luke, that is my dad” Laura answered then screamed “hey dad help us!”
“Run Laura!” Laura’s dad shouted. “I will take care of the Rambear while you run!”. Laura’s dad charged at the ram bear with his giant broad sword and screamed “Die!” as he stabbed the Rambear in the chest.
Back at the house Laura’s mom asked “Where are the mushrooms and water,” as the door slid open
“I’m back,” announced Laura’s dad “oh and sorry about Laura and her friend not being able to get the chores done, they were attacked by a baby Rambear and I got there just in time,”
“Anyway lets introduce ourselves to Laura’s friend, Luke,” Laura’s mom suggested.
“Ok, I am Richard Akron,” Richard said.
“And I am Susanne Akron and you are welcome to live with us,” said Susanne. “Oh and go to the other side of the field to finish the task I requested you to do and if you see a Rambear runback home,”
“Wait before you go take my old bow it may give you a chance to run if you are attacked,” suggested Richard.------------------------------------------------------------------------
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