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Manga-ka and Anime Debate, from a new perspective...

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I pose to you people a question. The origins of artistic talent in anime (animation) and manga (comic books). Where do you think it manifests from?

Is it:

A) Nature, a Gift, a Natural talent? Genetics. Does it run in your family? Do you have other people in your family who are biologically related to you and creative or creatively intelligent (I have genetic family who is also creative, so I think it's often this one).

B) OR, is it all will power. Is it the result of a learnt and self-taught skill. Did you attain your manga-ka talent through will power alone? Is it all in the practice / hard work?

To you, which one is it, where does the the talent and/or your talent derive from?

If you have drawing talent or skill, which one do you believes makes artists do amazing things more often, A or B? Both A and B can contribute to any particular artist abilities, but is one half of this argument dominent?

Consider this an informal survey I'm conducting for research purposes. Research to improve the knowledge of anyone reading this thread.

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