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hyuga clan vs uchiha clan


remember only about 5 or 6 people could use Mangekyou, and the get seriously weak after using either Amaterasu, tsyoukumi or god of sea and storms. and come to think of genjutsu hyuga clan are very good controllers of charka. this is one thing required to break genjutsu, Jiraya said it. their number is another thing nd they use enormous chakra. the only move i recon with is Amaterasu but only Mangeyou users which will cause eye damage nd chakra drain. besides 8 trigram 64 palms, 128palms, mountain crusher nd some other i expect u know should do the trick. Sharingan can't copy that, they are a blood line jutsu. nd i dont think just Itachi will kill Hyuga clan by himself as he did to uchiha. i still have more points but I'm waiting for more

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