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my thoughts on ghost in the shell

hakazuma's picture

having bought volume 1,2,4,5 of ghost in the shell my comments on it are this. the graphics are supurb the storyline iss fantastic, the only problem i have with the film is the character keys. there is a very ass licky approach to the female lead, who is always in charge and never seems to get anything wrong. the mens parts in the films seem to be slightly subserviant and dont seem to have thier hearts in the battles. also when people die there doesnt seem to any real loss felt, as if those who are getting killed dont matter to the over all storyline. i feel the men need to be more fearless and the female lead needs to be more compasssionate. the music in the story is great and i do really like the film, its just that it doesnt seem to be real enough, there isnt enough to draw me into the story and make me really feel for the characters.  

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