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Record of a Fallen Vampire Manga

Niji-Hana2008's picture


Ohayou Gozaimasu! ( Good Morning!) I just wanted to post this to the forum because I know that there are a lot of us here that like vampire manga. The mangaka that made it is Yuri Kimura & the story is authored by Kyo Shirodaira. Shirodaira-san also wrote "Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning". Has anyone here read this manga?  I have read the first 2 volumes and it is really good so far.  I am going to begin reading volume 3 today.  I just found out that volume 4 will be released on January 12, 2009.   Here is what it says on the back of  Volume 1: "Thousanda of years ago, Vampire King Akabara " Red Rose" Strauss, lost both his kingdom and his queen.  Since humans were unable to kill the queen, they sealed her away, erecting thousands of fake seals so that the king would never find her true location.  Despite being pursued by relentless dhampires, Akabara continues to search for his queen to this day....Akabara's quest takes a sinister turn when an entity called the Black Swan appears.  The Black Swan inhabits the body of a young human girl every 50 years, giving her the power to destroy the Vampire King and his queen.  With each incarnation the Black Swan grows stronger-- will the 49th Black Swan mean the end of Akabara?"  Dewa Mata,Niji-Hana"Innoscence Activate" http://view.playlist.com/13500951819

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