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k jus to say diz is a random topic but this topic is abt me my personality if ya want to kno anything else abt me.....

Purple Gummiez's picture

Hi Im Shania U guys mostly call me Purple Gummiez, Well any way I'm a person thats lovin an caring. I'm a person that does random stuff n random talk. I don't care what people say abt me I jus say wat I have to say I let it out lyk my feelings, or my point of view(maybe a thought too). I'm a fruit person an I'm sucker for hugs an apologies even Gummy bears (candy) *teehee* I laugh I cry but I'm a cheesy person Most of the time I'm not really emotional unless something or someone is more important. I'm not mean I'm not kool I'm jus me thats all jus plain me. =)..... It's funny the way I make people laugh an the way they lyk my personality cuz of the caring. My hobbies well it use to be poetry an drawing but eh. I jus got bored of it The poems I wrote Are just Emotional an yea, The drawing got really boring hahaha. Well My new hobby is well kinda cooking and doing something that interest me. So many people I kno, so many things to discover, so much things to do. I'm sweet i'm kind I'm happy. My favorite food is grapes, mutton stew *hahaha* pizza, tacos, curly fries, ect. My fav colors are black (of course) Purple, lime green, Blue, red, and rainbow.... hahaha. And alll of U’z ppl kno I’m a Freak well not really a freak but crazy abt anime An manga its lyk better than any kind of of cartoons. well.......not loony tunes hahaha The kind of music I listen to iz techno, rock, classic rock, alternative, Metal ,heavy metal, punk, ect. not really rap an hip hop. The songs I lyk are I don't care by apocalyptica, Yesterday's gone by straight line stitch, and mostly all of the by In This Moment, Well I lyk anything that got's any beat or adrenaline to it..... ;P Just to say u guyz R my BFFS an are awsome ppl. Yea thats all so yea what ever u need to kno Its right here lol XD *****)))))))))<3 Gummiez ((((((((((******

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