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Anime Beauty Contest

Puraido's picture

Welcome to the Anime Beauty Contest!Have you ever wondered who is the hottest girl in all of anime? Then your questions are about to be answered. The rules are you only get to choose a maximum of four characters for the nominations round (they all don't have to be from the same series). Be sure to tell us what series they are from and do not post the same character for all your picks to inflate the votes for her. In one month, I will make a list of all the anime girls nominated. This will kick off the elimination rounds. For the first round, you will pick 3 characters. The top 20 characters from round 1 will then be voted on in round 2. In round 2 you will pick 2 characters and the top 10 will procedd to round 3. In round 3 you pick one character for the top five. You are allowed to campaign for your picks or post pictures, as long as you follow manga.com's terms of service (that means no flamming, no hentai, etc.). Now, let the contest begin!!!

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