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  • Director
  • Producer
  • Rated
  • Original Release
  • Length
  • Language
  • Hayato Ikeda
  • Masao Nakamura, Masato Takami
  • Unrated
  • 1996-03-01T00:00:00
  • 95 min.
  • Eng, Jap

M.D. Geist II


Classified as too unstable, the genetically engineered soldier, Geist-02, was permanently imprisoned aboard an orbital satellite. But when humanity unleashes a doomsday device that will annihilate all life, Geist-02 must return to save the world that tried to destroy him!


pyroking's picture

thats the way the world ends stupid human to think im one of them makes me sick......sup add me im a nice dude to talk to can always use more friends

you should always learn from mistakes and strengthen your integrity. No one has extra time to waste. It is making the most of your time, it what really counts. thus, even should the world end, you can leave it knowing that your time limited as it is, was well spent with no regrets. this is a challenge within itself. are you up to it, making a difference, before you leave this world? think about it.

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