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poems i wrote a long time ago in middle school; give me your opinions

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“I don’t want you anymore….” that’s what I keep tell`n myself and I no it’s a lie?
I say that to keep myself from cry`n;
I don’t want to speck of this person who made this way; this person messed up everything….this person is my only weakness-
I never know how it felt to feel this way but I do now and I don’t like it;
Right now I just want to leave, move away, start over in a new place, but I can’t seem to get myself up to actual doing it because it feels like there is something that I’m supposed to do?


2. Permission to Speak Freely;

Every day I go to school…and im held back because of the rules,
I have no freedom wut so ever?
But yet ppl continue to be mean and senseless of wut is really going on;
The nature of who we are has been thrown off balance!
The world that we all used to love has been thrown into a great depression….
Many ppl are losing their minds and many are losing sight of who they are.
You would think that violence was getting old but it is only the beginning;
My freedom was corrupted when I was younger….
Ppl made fun of me because I was mixed
And now that im older I look a lot darker
And it doesn’t help that most of my friends parents are racist
Because they wouldn’t let me hang out with them any more…..
When I wad lil I ddnt under stand y ppl ddnt want me hanging out with there kids
Until now?!
Life kinda sucks for me right now because im a confused lil gurl stuck inna teenagers body
No joke;
You would have thought ive learned by now that this place we live in is confusing
And scary but I have and hvnt at the same time and its hard to explain
For me that is;


3.this one doesnt have a tittle

Student says- Get out of my face!
Teacher says- Don`t raise your voice at me!!
Student says- It`s called freedom of speech, I done wit this bull shizz!
(Slams the door of the classroom and walks off)
Teachers says- DETENTION!!
Student says- Fudge off and walks home….?
Next thing you no student gets sent to jail for not being at school and walking out;
but I think that person really doesn’t give a flying “F”…….


4. Is it freedom? Or attention?
Possible today will be okay…. Maybe the sun will come out-
Maybe I’ll get to go outside and hang around- Here and there and a little bit of every where
When I’m alone I feel like I’m in charge….that seems fair don’t yah think?
Is it freedom that I like or is It the attention I get?


5. My Wall
You would think that I would have told you….?
But I can’t?! It’s hard for me to talk about things and you should know that;
I don’t like to talk about friends, relationships, or love….
Because I grow up Ina family that didn’t involve it?!
You might think yah right that’s a lie….but it truly isn’t; I’ve had bad life experiences
Since I don’t let people in; to climb my walls of thought and safety-
But with you as a friend they fell to the ground!! Exposing all secrets and unknown things about me?
So know I’m left with nothing…..not even you can help me?! ;


6. I might say I love
The question is do I know you well enough to say I love you?
To say I love you and mean it….well that will be hard since I don’t use it because it’s not my vocabulary?!
I don’t understand why I want you; I don’t understand why I’m here in this situation in the first place; not being able to understand you.


7. Dot, Dot, Dot, Question Mark!
Is life just a great big puzzle from the sky?
Does every thing fit into a certain spot of which they choose? Or do people pick for them-
Hmmm what can I say, I’m just a curious little girl stuck in a teens body;
Why does life got to be so complicated....why can’t people be friendly to one another?
I wish I new someone who could answer that question-

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