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STREET FIGHTER the Korean series + Sonny Chiba's original 70's adventures

Tondera Otaku's picture

It would really be great if someone would English dub the complete 1990's action series from Korea! I know I'd buy it all! Even with only subs! Man this cool series really had a lot of cool action and who could forget that really awesome theme song! I liked this series even more than Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba's original 1970's classics , STREET FIGHTER (GEKITOTSU! SATSUJIN KEN) , STREET FIGHTER , THE RETURN OF (SATSUJIN KEN 2) , STREET FIGHTER , THE LAST REVENGE (GYAKUSHU! SATSUJIN KEN) , STREET FIGHTER - SISTER STREET FIGHTER (ONNA HISSATSU KEN). Those were cool too & now can be found at some dollar stores. Shinichi Chibi used do a lot of cool series that got shown in Hawaii, California , New York etc on the Japanese UHF tv stations they have there and they even showed most of there programs with subtitles even back in the 70's and still do! Anyone else watch great quality made action series like , SHADOW WARRIORS (KAGE NO GUNDAN / KAGE MUSHA) , THE YAGYU CONSPIRACY , ODO NOBUNAGA : THE KING OF ZIPANG , and so on. I used to watch these classic shows back then every week. I sure wish they were sold on DVD now. A lot of Shinichi Chiba's films are on DVD but not any of his tv series. So were there only 4 series made for SHADOW WARRIORS? How about THE YAGYU CONSPIACY ? I recall the cool theme song opening, man that had a lot of action and quality that they just don't seem to make these days. Can anyone else here get California's Channel 18 KSCI or any of the Japanese tv channels in New York or Hawaii? Hawaii had the best a nd showed a ton of series we never got since TV networks in the U.S. never allow imported shows on primetime, ya know? It's sad. Other countries get our tv shows & their neighbor's too, but how many tv shows do we see on primetime network tv in the US that are imported & dubbed or subbed? That oughta change don't you think? BTW does anyone else know how many episodes were made for that STREET FIGHTER action series from Korea? PLMK.

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