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tell me wat you think about it Dark shine high!!


tell me wat you think i wrote this this mornin lolDark Shine High!!based in a high school called Dark Shine there is 6 main charcters that noramly don't see eye to eye but they most become friends to help the school as there is werid things that happen every night .such as monsters, demons, ghosts, gouls and the white shine leader just might wont the students to help him in his path to take of the planet of Kessene.yes this school is for students who have dark shine powers but there not the bad guys unless they use there powers in the wrong way and turn there powers in to the white shine.anyways the school only take on students who have the dark shine oral this is the heart of there powers but not all the students know there true kick ass powers as they are different for anyone as u can have the power of fire, ice, water, earth, mind, sword or the spear and it depens on the students oral as it will come to them in different way so not all the students know what there true power is.so what will ur power be! Characters Ruki (aged 18)Sukio (aged 16)Osamu (aged 17)Li Li (aged 16)Mei (aged 17)Himiko (aged 19)Master Yi (N/A)White Shine Lord Liang (N/A) (evil)Diao (N/A) (evil)Liu (N/A) (evil)  Characters detailsRuki: he is 18 and he is very smart and always well dressed and is very shy when it cmes to girls but will Mei change that, he is 5ft 10" with jet black hair and his dark shine power is mind as he is smart and he doesnt no yet but soon can mind conrtol and move objects also Sukio is his little sister they have always bin there for one and other ever from there mother died there he was 4.Sukio: she is 16 and she looks up to her big as he is the only 1 that as looked after her but will she always think like that, she is not as smart as her older brother but she will stronger than him he dark shine power as she is the strongest in the group is fire and soon will be able to control fires, and she has a inner power the power of the dragon which ones was the keeper of the sky will she use it for good or evilOsamu: he is the last and youngest of the boys but what he lacks in age makes up for in skill with the sword and spear he is the stongest in head to head combat but not in the group as he thinks he is the strongest in the group. is very big headed and always thinks he is the best at everthing and doesn't get on with Ruki.Li Li: she is the youngest of the group as she truned 16 two days before she went to Dark Shine High she is a bit oh a out cast of the group and she is very quiet and is very good freinds with ruki but am sure she wonts to be more, her dark shine power is the power of water and soon can call upon the seas to help and also maybe floods or even drouths.Mei: she is the possative and warmhearted and she secrtcly loves Ruki but she thinks that he is in love with Li Li as they are very good friends but she knows Li Li wonts to be much more, she is 17 and will always try and take the most mature path every time, her dark shine power is the power of earth she can cause earthquakes rock falls and even trun in to the spirt of the forset.Himiko: she is the oldest of the group and is very pretty but is there inmature and some times acts like the youngest of the group she is always very loud and very spoiled by her rich parents but she can't have everythin she wants but she has got cold blood and a kiss of ice and she cant always control herself to use her powers as she is not there mature, her power is ice and can call a blizzard or maybe even freeze u if she wants to.Master Yi: he is the teacher at Dark Shine and has mastered every dark shine power there is to learn as he teaches the students at the school and once was in the same class as the White Lord and they was very good friends but took different paths in life as Master Yi choice to teach people to learn the dark shine in the way of good, he is unknow to everyone and noone hows there he was born or came from.White Shine Lord Liang: this is the white lord the leader of the white shine and is the most powerfulest person or demon every to walk upon the land of Kessene believed to be half human half demon, he has many demons, ghosts, ghouls, monsters and even humans under his command but his two main officers are Diao and Liu.Diao: this is a office of the White Lord she is very beautiful and is excelling in the martail arts and unrivaled in archery she is known to be a little reckless.Liu: this human/demon is highly trusted by the White Lord this half human half demon is a mster of the sword and spear and has never lost a battle but also is the White Lord master of strategy.   hope u enjoyed readin this!!!!

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