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Isn't there manga for older Super Sentai series like GoRanger, JAKQ , BATTLE FEVER J , etc? It would be great to see titles like that instead of just Power Rangers etc. What is interesting is finding the old English dubbed SUPER SENTAI like on YouTube etc and conventions. It's easy to find BIOMAN , FLASHMAN , JETMAN etc , but finding the originals in English is very hard like,
TURBORANGERS (not Carrangers).
These used to get shown on low powered UHF stations like back in the late 1970's in places like New York , Hawaii , Philadelphia , etc , and of course over in Asia in places like the Philipines , China , Hong Kong , etc. Finally we see more old copies being found online etc. But it would be great if some anime company like this one would find and sell the complete series on DVD. I don't think the original companies that translated them decades ago before Power Rangers ever existed are around any more, so maybe it would be easy for you guys to get the rights from Japan? What would really be great is if someday soon they could start English dubbing old Japanese scifi shows and use computer animation if need be, to match mouth movement for translating. That would be better than Hollywood/etc's way of chopping out all the Asian actors & replacing them with Americans as we saw in Power Rangers. Translations more we saw in 60's ULTRAMAN , SPACE GIANTS , GIANT ROBO , WATARI (AKAKAGE) , SPECTREMAN and so on were much better than what we saw with VR TROOPERS, SYBER SQUAD, BEETLE BORGS, etc. Hey how about making some deals and English dubbing Godzilla's ZONE FIGHTER series or the Japanese SPIDERMAN ?

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