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The warrior


 In the year 1771 there were the Raven lords and there were the Bright Masons. The name Bright Masons comes from owe leader Mason the reason why it was called Bright Mason was because. Mason was very brave Bright that’s why we call each the Bright Mason. Raven lords got their name Raven lords have decided to destroy us because they wanted owe land and so. The Bright Masons and Raven lords we had a war for it because owe land was bigger and fill with food that’s why they wanted it. It turned out that we the Bright Masons did thus the they will not win that war. But when all hope seemed to lose a Bright light came from the heavens a heavenly warrior so perfect and such a weapon he had in his hand. So the Raven fought the heavenly warrior and lost when the war was all over. The heavenly warrior was gone but his heavenly sword was left behind. And many would die for it. After 1063 years later we are no longer called owe self’s the Bright Masons. For now we call owes self’s the Gardens. We call owe self’s the Gardens because we are the Gardens of heavenly sword. The prophecy says that the heavenly warrior will return to us on the 7th. Day of the flaming phoenix. For many years people have lied saying that they are the ones that they were born on the 7th day of the phoenix. People try to seal the heavenly sword so we had to kill them in order to protect the heavenly sword yes we kill. Just like owe fathers did in the pass. After the Raven lord had died there had to be a new Raven lord so. To men fight to be the winner be come the Raven lord so one man won and the other had lost and so. The other wanted to be come the Raven lord. So he killed the Raven lord and became the Raven lord. But he wanted to be more then Raven lord he wanted to become. A God and to do that he needed the heavenly sword. On the 7th day of the flaming phoenix came the warrior was reborn. But it was as phoenix had told them so 17 years have past we trained the young boy in order to make him in to the heavenly warrior he once was. One day the young heavenly warrior was training with his father and his father had the heavenly sword on his back training with the heavenly warrior. Then the Raven lord and his army 1 to 1,000 it was now is the when the heavenly warrior has his epic battle. With the Raven lord and his army. Now is the time when the heavenly warrior raises. The heavenly takes his heavenly sword and. Started to kill of the Raven lords army one by one he slice them up cup off there heads killing them all kill them like there were nothing to him the. Raven lords army tried to kill the heavenly warrior but thus who got near him he would kill them. The Raven lords army thus who where in the back said forward! And thus whom where in the front said back! He kills them all fighting them to get to top where the Raven lord was and so when it came to only the Raven lord and the heavenly warrior. The Raven lords said to the heavenly warrior give me the heavenly sword or die. So the heavenly warrior said to the Raven lord your going to have to take it from my dead and so the Raven lord said once I kill you I will take the heavenly sword and become a god and so. The heavenly warrior said to the Raven lord you couldn’t be a god. Because even if you get the heavenly sword. It will not make you into a god to become a god you have to have honor and. that’s what you don’t have. But what the Raven lord did not tell him is that the Raven lord had made a deal with the devil. The deal he made was his soul exchange to be a god if he gets the heavenly sword. So the heavenly warrior fought the Raven lord. But when they where fighting they where evenly mach so now the Raven lord was. Just as strong as the heavenly warrior. The but when all hope seemed lost. The one god that ruled after all the other gods. Saw what the Raven lord had done and so he decided to make it in evenly mach because the Raven lord was getting stronger. So the heavenly warrior unless his ultimate attack on the Raven lord and the Raven lord lost and was destroyed by the heavenly warrior and ever thing that belong to the Raven lord was destroyed. Then people started to live happy lives and then the heavenly warrior returned to heaven for the final time and every one lived happily ever after expect the Raven lord.                                      The End

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