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How can I get my Manga based novel published?


Hi everybody. I have started writing a novel, it is a manga style story and I have a few people who think that it is pretty good. I was wondering how I could get this book published. I have no experience in this and would really appreciate some help with this. You can see the first three chapters at the links below. I have named the book the "Kuera chronicles" Chapter 1 http://www.evochild.co.za/kuera/Chapter-1-distro.pdf Chapter 2 http://www.evochild.co.za/kuera/Chapter-2-distro.pdf  Chapter 3http://www.evochild.co.za/kuera/Chapter-3-distro.pdf  It has not been edited yet and are very raw but you will get the just of the story. Also feel free to comment on it either here or on Face book on the link below: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=kuera&init=quick#/group.php?gid=119373...  Evochild I am what I am today but I will be something else tomorrow.

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