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Great Music

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The starting theme of Gits Stand alone complexLinkin Park.. all of their songs can't get enough of them The opening and closing themes of Rurouni Kenshin they are also greati've got a great list but these are the top of my head But the question i have is that there is a song in a foreign language which i can't seem to make out that is used in the trailer for Berserk and throughout various parts of the show (obviously) does anyone out there know the name of this song and what langauge its in.... its the only song i like from the show and its kinda stuck in my head.... aaahhhh i'm hearing singing in my head... its a great song so i would like to have it.                                    "The path to destruction leaves nothing else to be desired                                                     as i beckon thee from the depths of my madness                                                             I call upon thee to seek answers from the great beyond.... "

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