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New Cybernetics - Getting closer to the Ghost in the Shell world // New GitS on the way

New Cybernetics (opens in new window) is my blog where I chronicle advancing technology that resembles those seen in the Ghost in the Shell series including robotics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. I'm also working on analyzing the Ghost in the Shell text on a literary level (I'm an English major, its fun to me). Check out my blog for updates on great, amazing new technology. Also, I don't know if this was posted here yet but we may be getting a Ghost in the Shell season 3 fairly soon:At the Anime Expo 09, Durind a Q/A session a G.I.T.S. fan asked Maki Terrashma Futura a V.P. At Production I.G.if there was going to be a third season of G.I.T.S Stand Alone Complex and her anwser was "She expecets the project to happen, but the director is currently tied up on other projects." So with any luck, we can all stop wathing reruns one of these years. And I'm sure you guys know that Steven Spieldberg and his DreamWorks studios own the rights to the Ghost in the Shell film. Should be great since such a great studio will be working on it. 

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