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Albert wesker pwns ass

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 read what i think below  Albert Wesker appears in the original resident evil, assisting the player character. He is the commanding officer of Special Tactics And Rescue Squad (STARS) and leader of the Alpha team. However it is eventually revealed that Wesker is a double agent working for the Umbrella Corporation; ordered by his superiors to lure the STARS into the Spencer mansion to be used as test subjects against the mutated creatures to gather battle data. In the end, Wesker releases the Tyrant and is seemingly killed by it.Wesker reappears in Resident Evil Code: Veronica with superhuman powers and working for an unnamed secret organization against Umbrella. In the fictional documentary titled Wesker's Report, Wesker reveals that he survived his apparent death in the first game by injecting himself beforehand with an experimental virus, provided by his former colleague William Birkin, that revived and augmented him with superhuman strength, speed and regeneration, but at the expense of his humanity.Wesker then appears in Resident Evil Zero, a prequel to the original game, and later in Resident Evil 4 as a conspirator manipulating events from behind the scenes. He is a central character in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and a playable character in several of the game's scenarios, expanding upon events alluded to in early games, as well as his involvement in Umbrella's downfall after the events of Code: Veronica and his development in Resident Evil 4.Wesker returns in Resident Evil 5 as the main antagonist conspiring with Tricell Pharmaceutical Company to create a potent virus called "Uroboros" which he ultimately plans to release into the Earth's atmosphere. However Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar prevent the worldwide infection and ultimately kill Wesker at the end of the game. [6] Masachika Kawata, the game's producer, confirmed that Wesker did indeed perish in Resident Evil 5's finale.[7] The game also includes two variations of Wesker as unlockable playable characters with different costumes and weapons in the Mercenaries game mode. blah blah blah albert wesker pwns ass=). all i wanted to say about him. till he died

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