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Working on a Ghost in the Shell project

MrEder's picture

I'm currently working on a Ghost in the Shell project, which I started a few years ago. Pretty much, it started when I first watched the 1995 anime film and evolved from there. I created a character, whom my project kind of revolves around because there is so much stuff happening to her. I started by drawing 3 pictures, scanning them into photoshop, and coloring them. It then evolved into me writing a long paper filled with just information, such as a backstory, her life, events that are important that happened to her, ect. I am now actually writing my own GitS SAC season script, which my character is pretty much the center of. I've decided to go with 24 or 25 episodes and I've just finished writing Episode 6. When I finish my work and have it all protected for legal purposes, I'll upload it onto my profile so you guys can take a look and give me some feedback.

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