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The Next Time You Want To Buy A Japanese CD a.k.a Compact Disc

xRayOfLightx's picture


well i bought 4 cds by the J POP singer hitomi(cuz she is my favorite) they were manufactured in japan(duh lol) and i live in America and i own a cd player(obviously manufactured in America) and when the cds came in the mail directly from Japan i was very happy:D and so i put the album called By Myself in my cd player and IT WORKED YAY! reason being is that there is no standard reigion encoding on cds so basically all cds are the same and can be played on all cd players and can EVEN be ripped on to computers NO PROBLEM! see with dvds this doesnt work becuz there IS a standard reigion encoding for them:/ but ohhh weelll at least we have cds:D so next time you are dying to get a cd from your favorite J POP artist GO AHEAD AND BUY IT!!:D

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