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Utada Hikaru This Is The One: Review^.^

xRayOfLightx's picture


   This Is The One by Utada Hikaru is a really REALLY great cd!  Compared to her 1st American debut album Exodus this album completly over shadows it!  Exodus was and is still a great album despite what Utada has said bout it being "weird" and "awkward".  This Is The One has a more mainstream sound to it it includes a lot of mainstream pop sounds especially with the 1st single "Come Back To Me" infact the song is very similar to pop in the late 1990's.  "Me Muerto" is the second track on this cd and it is Utada 1st Latin type song.  It proves that Utada is NOT afraid to be creative and experimental.  "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" is the 3rd track on the album and it is based of the original song by Sakamoto Ryuichi and it is very Asian sounding but also very American.  "Apple and Cinnamon" is the 4th track and it is my FAVORITE song on the album!  it combines r&b and pop and sounds so smooth and it very well produced and the lyrics are great!  The 5th song "Taking My Money Back" is about a girl who had kinda like a pimp and she is leaving him and wants her money back, despite the almost humorous topic(as Utada has said herself) it is a good r&b type song and the lyrics are good.  "This One" is the 6th song and is a great r&b ballad and is possibly the most well written on the album!  "Automatic Part II" is very 90's sounding and has very good potential for some awesome techno or club remixes.  "Dirty Desire" is another kinda humorous song because a line from the song says" I Love You Long Time".  It is a very good song to dance to and the vocal are very good but that is to be expected because its Utada we are talking about!  The 9th track "Poppin" is very interesting it sounds a little retro but also modern it is very well produced and has the classic Utada Hikaru vocals.  The last song on the album "On and On" is a perfect club sounding song and makes you feel like just dancing!  It sounds like it is from her debut album First Love and it is prolly one of the best songs on the album!  Overall almost anybody could fall in love with this album (i know i have!) i give this album FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!

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