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Who here has created their own Character?

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I like creating new characters; it's fun to me, especially when I randomly think of an idea for my own stories. Sometimes fanfiction, sometimes not. Either way I would like to hear all about your new character(s). I'd like their names and powers and weapons, anything you'd like to tell. One of my characters is named Shiori Owatari. She's from Bleach. Hitsugaya and meets her through her dead sister who refuses to pass over until she's looked after, and so he decides to do as bid and promises the soul whom he personally delivers to the Soul Society. Shiori isn't exactly normal either.....but she ends up dying after getting close to Hitsugaya and the gang that were stationed in the human world. He blames himself and searches endlessly for her, years later she's finally found, but not by him and he's changed throughout the long years because of it. BTW: Yes, it's a romance story. FYI: Most of mine are, but yours doesn't have to be!!!! Anyway, I just thought it'd be cool to share, if you want to! ^^

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