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new roleplay character for a new manga.read and comment^^

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manga is called "project blue fire".name: miyoke lycatherindob: jan. 15, 20XXheight: 5'2weight: 120 ib.hair: long blackeyes: hazelid num: 2921300manga story: year 20XX, the truth of what really exists in the world had came to be realized as a threat to everything. demons...were caught and locked in the country that was once japan, now a prison with walls all around its boarders 10 years later. and as for everything, every human and animal, was left to die. at least thats what the goverment thought. all they did for the innocent was give food. they exspected them to be killed by demons, vampires, werewolfs, watever. but the humans were pretty crafty and made a deal with the occult beings. only come out at certain times of the day and never be seen. if they were spot you can fight or die.   now miyoke on the other hand, is trained to get people from place to place unseen and before the time ends. but here's her problem. she tries to get herself caught. working in the torn city of hiroshima, miyoke does her job professionally. mostly.then kills the demons. always outside. kill or be killed. then comes a carrier of becoming a demon, bites her, then gets himself killed. not so much safe for everyone else is she?

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