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I know you watch....

1phantom70's picture

What is with all the posts and replies being removed? It's getting downright ridiculous. Do you just remove what ever strikes your fancy? Is there an actual guidline for what is to be removed? Because it doesn't seem so. Also, way to implement feedback or answer questions, or let us know you are there besides posting iTunes updates. It's like joining the Iraqi Army, they hand you a gun and say " here you go. bad guys are to the north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, and northwest. Good luck!"   Oh, and if you do reply, I've already read the Terms Of Use, and they are extremely (intentionally) vauge about a lot of things, except that any idea posted on here belongs to you. That was really clear, that's why you will never see any of MY ideas on here. I will not let someone steal them and profit from me. But I really don't expect a reply, I think you'll just do the easy thing and delete this post.

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