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roleplay character:yakuro toga kurosu(ME!!!) plz read and comment

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name: saichiyo livideus kurosudob:june 8thage:15hair: redeyes: yellow to hazelbirthsong:children by robert miles story: the allimination of a aristocratic and hybrid family occured in the past. the only one to survive was the youngest, saichiyo, no thanks to her "guardian angel" she claimed to have saved her. but knowing the family's death at a young age made her believe it was her fault.  years later saichiyo,who had been taken care of by the family's lawyer and combat trainer,kurayami, was except into a boarding school in the city of la naan made for occult beings. it seemed nothing but what her family probrably woulve put her in. till the 3rd day. the day when her guardian angel appears once again. and he seems more of a bad guy than good. and she doesnt even kno he's her very own classmate, loki.  months as she continues to be in the school the more loki acts like a ass to everyone else except her, and the more her gaurdian angel has to save her from an assasination. to saichiyo's conclusion, a good name change and hair dye would be put to use. and as for what she thinks of loki,(saichiyo still not knowing who he actually is) just goes allong with watever she thought he was doing. as saichiyo became more yankee like and had a done stupid sutff,such as getting a tattoo of a dragon that has a soul in it wrapped around her am. as she stole the soul's name and became yakuro toga. and loki...well his plan as her protector goes far and beyond. and thats where my story starts.plz comment^_^

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