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The Official "What are you Listening To" thread.

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This is going to be fun. We have this on the other forums, and its been up and popluar for almost a year now! ^^1. You may only post once per day. We're not going to closely track or monitor this, but you don't need to post a new post every time you're listening to something new. If you have to, just put "currently listening to", "previously listened to", and "will listen to next" or something like that (although if it becomes a list of more than, say, three songs like in that example, you're probably better off posting in a topic dedicated to stuff you like, since this topic is about the here and now only).2. You may only post here to state what you're listening to, not comment or chat with others. Comments will be okay sparingly, but try not to leave comments too much becuase it entices response, which leads to chat, in which case if staff has to get involved, everyone who took part could be in trouble. If we want this topic to last and go far, don't spam it up. Only post for what it's meant to be posted in for.

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