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cosplay cafe

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in japan as most of us may know there are cosplay cafes around there. i recently found out about this new one called: Sergeant cafe.  supposedly it's a military themed cosplay cafe where you walk in as a new recruit and the waiters are your military drill instructors. there is even a warning that says this: “once you join the army (enter the café), you must obey whatever sergeants (waitresses) say,” “when you order food or drink, you order to a senior officer, so you have to say ‘Sir!’ first”. There were 2 courses: Hard Course (1F) and Soft Course (2F). On the 1st floor (Hard Course), former U.S. Marine Corps scolded trainees (customers), let them do push-ups or jump. The former officer said “this is nothing- you have to do such things every single day in the real Boot Camp.”   for more information abut this you can go here: http://toysnjoyshawaii.blogspot.com/2008/06/otaku-alert-get-berated-by-m... 

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