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Goth & Lolita Bible and it's Fashions!!!!


I love reading Tokyopop's english-translated version of the Goth & Lolita Bible!! For some of you who don't know or havn't read it before, it's a type of pop culture fashion in Japan that's very popular. And now, it's popular in the U.S.A. because alot of visula-kei/J-Rock artists wear these fancy dresses and suits for guys. The fashion trend started back in the 1980's when the band, Malice Mizer's leader known as Mana-sama, wore the clothes. Even though he's a man, he has made history in Japan. He has his own brand of clothing line calle, "Moi-Meme-Moitie". Here's the original website: www.rakuten.co.jp/moi-meme-moitie/ Also, the tokyopop homepage to the site: www.tokyopop.com/GothLolitaGirl                                                                       And,...This website I found that has a REAL goth lolita here: www.lacarmina.comI hope there are goth-lolita fans at manga.com soon so I can add you.

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