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A New Novel Currently Under Development?..... Series?.... or... Single Book?

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Hey there. My other post questioned what YOU, the reader, would like to see in a new manga novel. Well, now, from the wonderful feedback from at least three people, I have formed an idea and need someone's opinion. This is the beginning sequence that you would read if you opened up this book. It's 2050 A.D. on a boat on the coast of Japan. Shikodo, a black-haired, blue-eyed 25 year old (about) fisherman finally finds his favorite point to begin his working day. At 5 a.m. he readies his pole with the squid that he uses to catch fish. Shin, his first mate, fixes up the mast of the boat to sail steadily and slowly to devote more time to fishing. Shikodo walks three feet to the end of his 30 foot boat and drops it in the water. After finishing this, he walks back to wheel of the boat, sits down, and begins reading his favorite fishing magazine. A few hours pass by and out of nowhere, his pole is ripeed from the boat and flies right in the water. "What the-". Next thing he knows, the boat begins shaking and rolling back and forth violently. "Shin! Shin!" A small creature crawls on he boat. Calling for his first-mate Shin, he finds that these tiny creatures have infested his body and he is incapacitated. What will Shikodo do? Will he survive? Will he be able to make it to shore? Have these creatures infested the shore as well? What will happen to Shin? You will have to read to find out! This novel is currently under development and will take some time to be completed. I may be able to give small teasers every now and then, nut you will just have to wait. SO, what do you think?! 

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