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Clamp and its story (a personal review)

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Anyone read Clamp's manga? I thought I might share a bit of my thought coz it really hmm.. see me growing up as an adult Think my first Clamp was Miyuki in Wonderland (Sweet and cute and wholly ignored all characters are girls lol), then RG VEDA which shocked me as a very young teenager (I was 12 I think) about the whole concept (and later on realised the other side of the story....) that someone who you thought is a goodie is actually a bad guy... Then went on with the more general manga, i.e. Clamp School Detectives and hated Magic Knight Rayearth (my heart already have Sailormoon at the time and thought the manga is created to beat Sailormoon) X drew me back to CLAMP, as well as Tokyo Babylon (again.. it is exploring the other side of sexuality, as a slightly more grown up teenager, still didn't get it) but gave up X half-way through.. (if anyone read and finished X, let me know if it is good) Re-collect CLAMP after I read Clover (Adored Su) and preferred a tone-down story style. I think CLAMP tried too hard in promoting a very disturbed image with X and althought Clover is still rather negative... I feel it is very acceptable and a refreshing story Eventually I am drew back by Chobits and Legal Drug... xxHolic is a big hit but I think I grew up now and stayed away from magical story... I always prefer something that is a bit more closer to reality  I thought I'll stop here... as this might be the longest written post in this forum ... but You can always request for thoughts on other CLAMP manga as I read them all (didn't even go into Tsubasa or Chobits)  

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