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who is your fav character from the akatsuki?

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who is your fav character? here are your choices: kisame hoshigaki,itachi uchiha,deidara,tobi uchiha,sasori,pein or hidan. personally, i love itachi.just for his pure outlook on life.ok so his outlook is a little creepy.there is nothing wrong with that.second would be tobi. most people always put up this argument that t bi is obito uchiha.well those people dont know the facts. OBITO IS DEAD.yet, so is madara uchiha. tobi helped plan the mass murder of the uchihas.obito couldnt have because he died way before that.my outlook on it is that madara did the same thing orochimaru did so he would stay alive.also, in manga chapter 364 tobi says " my power.madara uchihas power".that has to mean something.well im sticking with wat i believe.sorry i got off topic.

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