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The Light

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Here is a short story I wrote for a fiction contest at school. (I can win 50$)  The LightThe black abyss from hell surrounded me like a moth in a cocoon. I have been trapped in this pit of nothingness for months surrounded in a coating in which I could do nothing but kick. I am in here by myself this whole time without a noise except for the ringing of nothingness vibrating off my ears. My claustrophobia rising to a point so high that I am no longer in fear. The only thing I can do is cradle myself thinking of how to escape or how I can possibly kill myself to release me from this hell. But today is different somehow. Today I can feel a faint whisper of wind slip through the tips of my fingers. On and off every five minutes for hours. But I can feel it more and more and the time I feel the whisper comes quicker and quicker. I can now feel the wind gently caress my face. I think today can be the day I escape.As soon as that thought crossed my mind, the barrier that had held me for these long and lonesome months opened. A small hole which was the size of my hand was dazing at my feet. My heart begins to pound. Now I know I can escape. I take my feet and kick at the hole. It breaks open more and more until I have enough room to crawl out of it. I stand up to see nothing but darkness again. I turn around to see what I had been trapped in this whole time. But it is so black I cannot see it lying before me.I suddenly feel a trickling down my body. I look down to see, what I believe to be water. When I look up a blinding light sheers through my eyes making them squint at the sight. I hold my arm up to help block the light burning my eyes but as I look down I realize I am in the nude. I see that the light has more than one color ranging from red to blue from green to purple. All of the colors of the rainbow were reflecting off my naked body. I see the lights reflecting off the water pouring down my body. I look up to see where its coming from, but it was just the blackness of nothing above me. The water seemed to come from no where. I try and walk out of the way of the water, but no matter where I would go, it would follow. When my eyes finally adjust to the bright lights from what seemed to come out of nowhere, I begin to run towards the light with the thought of escape tumbling in my mind.But panic strikes me as two gigantic white hands moves its way from the light to me! I begin to run away from the white hands as they hovered their way to me blocking most of the light. Running away from these hands I hear a loud scream that broke the silence of nothing and pierce my ears. I stop right there in my tracks to cover my ears from this horrendous screams of bloody murder. I turn around to try and get away from the screams, but only to remind myself of the giant hands that continued to creep closer. My body can not find the nerve to move away from the hands nor to run away from the noise. My brain now in a state of panic and confusion, I do not know what to do. Then I hear another scream of bloody murder but this time it was of my own terror. I try to shout words such as “Stay away from me” or “Get away” but I can not make words out of them. My cries became whines and I knelt down trying to beg for mercy. The heart in my chest began to race at least five hundred times as fast from usual. I could feel every nerve in my body jitter across my skin.But alas, the hands have arrived and came down to grab me. I try to push away but it was to no prevail. The white hands now covered in blood have grabbed my body ever so tightly and slowly began to take me towards the lights. Since my arms and legs are immobile due to the tight vice grip the hands had on my body, all I could do to try and escape from the hands was to bite them. I begin to bite the hands as furious as a rabid dog might have on a bear. I soon stop biting when I realize that I am almost at the light. I feel too weak now to fight back. The hands pull me out of the light which is beyond a hole in which I am pulled out. The rainbow lights are gone and I soon find myself in a room filled with giant men.The hands were attached to one of the giants holding me with a mask on. Two other men stood up with devilish smiles on their faces. I do not know what to do. I see that there is a rope attached to my belly, so I grab on to it and with all the might I have left, I tug as hard as I can to try and get back into the hole. As I do I see a woman right above the cave lying down also with that damn smile. But that face distracted me long enough for another man with a mask to cut the rope off from my belly. As soon as he cut the rope from my stomach, I become dumbfounded. I forget everything that had just happened. I know something happened, but I am not sure what. The men with masks take their strange masks off and have smiles on their faces. The other men also have smiles. I look at them and can’t help but cry. I cry because I don’t know what else to do. I have just forgotten everything, and I know what ever just happened I know I just lost.The man holding onto me takes me over to the woman and she holds me in my arms. I gaze into her blue eyes as she smiles down at me. She says some sort of jibberish that I can not understand, but when I look into her eyes I can’t help but smile. I look around the room more closely and study it. I realize I am in a hospital. Then it dawns on me what had just happened to me. I don’t remember what happened before, but I hold this to be true now. I had just been born.You guys think I have a shot of winning?

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