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Dragon Orbs: Stars of Destiny written by M.R.SMITH 2008 - chapter 1 (I will post the other chapters here too)

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i don't know what happened but this story i wrote is no longer on the forums does anyone know what happened to it? well i am going to put it on here again. p.s. it's not finished so have patience please.

Dragon Orbs: Stars of Destiny Chapter 1

Code Red Emergency lights flash in a 360 degree motion as a high pitched alarm goes off. The normal ceiling lights dim down as the red from the emergency lights shine across white stone walls and foam ceilings. The footsteps of hard souled military boots join the high pitched alarm as a dozen security soldiers race down through a hallway. At the center of the hallway a set of elevator doors open and another group of security soldiers join the dozen marching down through the hallway.
At the end of the hallway is a thick metal door with a Biohazard sign printed on it. They stop at it as one of the soldiers swipe an identification card across a security panel. The sound of air pushing out of the room can barely be heard as the thick door swings inwards. The soldiers pile into the room single file and then spread out across the room preparing their weapons for a fight.
There is only computers and a single table within the room. All the computers are flashing the word ‘ALERT’ on their screens. The soldiers look around the room making sure it is secure before they march up to a second thick metal door. The same soldier swipes an ID badge and then watches the thick metal door swing open. They slowly walk into the next room single file.
Within the next room is two different sections. Each one has a airlock as a doorway. Half the soldiers pile up to the section on the right as the other soldiers pile up to the section on the left. They look through the wall size windows at the labs inside.
Within the section on the left is a large lab filed with cybernetic equipment. At the center of the room is an almost completed cybernetic being. Wires and tubes are connected to different parts of its human male shaped body. There is two human scientists cowering down in the corner of the room. One of the soldiers notice them and they point to the other section.
Within the section on the right is a lab filled with equipment to study only one object - a silver sphere about two feet in diameter. At the center of the room is a female scientist wearing a fully sealed bio-hazard suit. She is typing in commands onto the computer station around the storage unit holding the silver sphere. The reflection of the red emergency lights and the female scientist is seen across the surface of the sphere. A soldier tries his security card but is unable to enter the lab. He bangs on the window trying to get the female scientists attention. She hears the banging and turns to see the group of soldiers piled up outside the lab. She ignores them.
The soldiers try to bypass the security panel but is unable too. They then try to open the security panel and rearrange the wiring.
The female scientists eyes widen at the readouts that are spread across the computer screens. The graphs and charts spike to the highest level and then all the computers shut off. Everything electrical shuts off and then starts to explode within the lab. The female scientist holds up her arms protecting herself. The soldiers watch with shock as she tries to escape but is unable to get through the door.
The silver sphere floats within its storage unit and spins around. It spins so fast that all that can be seen of it is a blinding white light.
The female scientist bangs on the glass door several times before she notices that all the soldiers are slowing down. She turns around and sees the explosions floating in the air as if it was all freezing in place. She notices that everything has began to slow down and then freeze except her. The female scientist moves around the room and then sees the silver sphere has disappeared and in its place is a white hole. She walks up to the computers when a burst of energy comes form the back of the room. An energy wave vibrates in a circular motion moving across the wall. Everything by the wall distirts as the shadowy image of eight beings of different shapes and genders begin to appear. The being closest to the edge of the distortion wave is seen in full detail. It is a female with a suit of silver skin across her whole body except for her face. The female’s lips move but nothing comes out. A few seconds pass as her words echoes across the room.
“Find Lord Raphe.”
The female scientist watches the beings diappear as the words continue.
“He knows the secret of the Orbs.”
She sits on the cold ceramic tiled floor as all the lights come back on and the computers reboot. A soldier knocks on the glass door trying to ger her attention. She turns her head looking up at him. She can tell he is wondering if she is ok. She gives him a thumbs up and then slowly stands up. As another soldier tries to bypass the security panel the female scientist looks at the center of the room. She sees the white energy gone and the silver orb resting within its storage container as if nothing had happened.

Five stories above the lab complex on street level rests an innocent looking storage unit building. The high metal fence and single security guard does not make it look like a top secret facility lays beneath it all. The guard stands outside his both looking up at the sky. A weird energy wave forms across the sky. A group of clouds form and lightning shoots down from the clouds around the area. The security guard ducks back into his booth.
Across the street where there is no clouds or lightning a man wearing a long, black trench coat and a wide brimmed black cowboy hat looks at a group of postcards and letters he is placing into a mailbox. Without raising his head he looks across the street at the clouds and lightning. He smiles as he places the last letter into the mailbox. The long scar running from his forehead, across his eye, down his check to his jaw line streatches creating a lightning bolt like shape.
The cloud disappear and the lightning stops. The sun and the bright blue sky is seen once more as if nothing had happened.
The man walks away from the mailbox heading down the street away from the area whistling the theme song from Tales from the Crypt.

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