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'clouds of midnight' written by m.r.smith 2008 ( its about werewolves) all chapters will be here

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hey everyone my name is michael r smith and i am a writer. I am looking for peoples opions on my work so i though i would drop some of them here but i am only going to do it chapter by chapter hoping that each one will keep people wanting more. my newest one is not finished. It's called 'Clouds and Midnight' and its about werewolves. so i hope you like and become fans of it. and another thing its has not been edited yet because its not finished. here is chapter one

Clouds of Midnight
written by M.R.SMITH 2008 DEAD-ENDS STUDIO

- Chapter One -

“A dense fog covers cobblestone streets and wraps around brick and stone buildings. The lonely street lamps give the only sign of life during this midnight hour. The bright starry night is covered by a thin layer of clouds. The area at the center of town feels dead and deserted. Not even the homeless cats and dogs are salvaging food.
A dark shadow appears inside an alleyway in between two brick buildings. It is tall and thin. The fog moves aside revealing a human male dressed in a pin striped suit. He is tall and skinny and well groomed. He has his hands in his pants pockets as he looks around. He jerks his head upwards focusing on something. His nose wiggles as a strange scent moves across the fog.
The man quickly rips off his clothes as thick patches of hair grows out from his skin. His body bubbles outwards as it grows bigger. He rips the final piece of clothes from his body as he turns into a large werewolf like creature. A growl echoes around the town as the werewolf like creature stands on all of his four legs. The creature looks upwards and then jumps against the wall of the alleyway. Its sharp and pointed claws dig into the brick wall as it prepares to jump again. The creature jumps from building to building putting holes into the bricks as he jumps higher up the buildings.The werewolf like creature climbs onto the roof and then runs across it. He jumps high into the air and lands onto a taller building.
The clouds in the sky moves aside exposing a full moon and only a couple of stars. Across the town the dense fog seems to copy the clouds and move aside exposing the cobblestone roads and pathways. The moon shines brightly over the town giving color to the dark night.
The werewolf like creature stands on it’s back legs and rises into the air. His brownish red fur flows in rows as a gust of air blows across the top of the roof. A growl echoes across the town again as he opens his jaws. Bright white teeth become exposed as drool drips down his chin. A gut wrenching howl bursts out from the mouth of the creature ..........”

A hand turns the next page of a 100 page note book. There is no more writing on the following pages. The hand flips through the note book and finds no more pages with writing on it. The hand closes the note book and places it on a desk next to a laptop computer.
“So what happens next?” said a womans voice.
A dark haired woman who was reading from the pages looks over at the other person in the room, a teenage male. The teenage male shrugs his shoulders.
“You gave me the idea yesterday so that’s all I got.” said the teenage male.
The dark haired woman sitting at the desk where the note book is turns back around and grabs the notebook. She gives it to the teenage male who wrote it.
“Where are the notes I told you to write down.” said the dark haired woman.
The teenage male takes out another note book from his blue backpack that is resting on the bed next to him. He opens it up and shows her the notes.
“Right here. Everything you told me yesterday about your ideas on werewolves.” said the teenage male.
The dark haired woman stands up and sees the pages. She smiles and then taps him on the shoulder.
“Good. I don’t want anyone else to see those notes, read those notes or get their hands on them. I want this to be between us until the story is done.” said the dark haired woman.
“Of course.” said the teenage male.
The dark haired woman goes up to the bedroom door and looks at the fish tank next to it. The bright neon blue light makes the gold fish look like they are radioactive. She opens the fish food jar and sprinkles a little bit of the flakes into the tank. She smiles at the fish and then leaves the room. The door slams shut echoeing around the bedroom. The teenage male watches the woman leave and then gets off his bed. He walks up to the desk and opens the note book to the last page he wrote on. He takes out a pen from a metal can at the corner of the desk. The teenage male looks at the page and then taps the pen against the desk thinking. The tapping nose echoes around the room. The teenage male leans back on the chair and then places the pen on the desk. He spins his chair around looking at the movie posters on the walls, the comic books on the bookshelves, his tv/dvd player, the fish tank, and then at his bed with the Star Wars bed sheets. He notices his alarm clock. It has the numbers 2:02 am in bright green colors.
“I am so screwed.” said the teenage male.
The teenage male places his hands on his face unsure what to do next.

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