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deathnote los angeles bb murder cases

NeAr2.0's picture

Has anyone read another note from the deathnote series????It was amazing.BB was my favorite character bcuz he is awesome and he kills his 3rd victim perfectly.the ending kind of dissapointed me.Ultimately Beyond Birthday wanted to create a case that the great detective L couldnt solve.IF you want to know how it ends youll have to read bcuz i wont spoil it for anyone.You wont regret reading it.Another note is the kind of book that you can read over and over again and never get tired of it.Trust me.Isnt it amazing that i wouldnt have read it yet if i wouldnt have gone over to my friends house and borrowed from her.even if you havent read this book and your a deathnote fan please reply to this.It was such a great book.

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