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Code Named: Blackmail written by M.R.MITH chapter 1

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Code Named: Blackmail
written by M.R.SMITH 2008

(Interstate Highway 91 by exit 3, in Brattleboro, Vermont has been and always will be an infamous area to have accidents. Deer migrant over the highway regularly, causing most of the car accidents. The town it self is one of low interest for the people who travel down the highway past it. But on that day the town was reported in national news.
The accident was so quick there was no time to think about it. Every action caused an instinctive reaction. A young deer freaked by something in the woods, runs free and wild out of a cornfield. It travels onto the southbound side of a four-lane bridge of Interstate 91. A Geo Metro cruises down the highway a littler faster than the posted speed limit. It does not see the deer cross the road as it drives directly towards it. They become as one, like two lovers kissing.
The bumper and grill becomes indented and the windshield cracks into a spider-web design. The driver hits his head against the steering wheel and accidentally pushes the accelerator more.
The car drives across a dirt ramp created by a construction crew that is working on the side of the bridge. The little Geo Metro flies into the air above the West River that is flowing under the bridge.
On a road traveling along the side of the river a 'Hot Dog On The Go' truck becomes covered with the shadow of the dropping car. They meet with an impact of a dropping bomb. They explode in a huge fireball. The drivers of the two vehicles never knew what hit them and never will. The other cars traveling on the side road stop in time to witness the blaze. On the bridge above other drivers have stopped by the construction area looking at the dead deer that was hit by the Geo Metro.
At the local hospital emergency room medical technicians rush the charred remains of the only survivor of the car wreck, into the emergency room. Doctors work hard operating on the survivor giving him IVs of blood and saline hoping they can keep him alive. After an hour of operating the doctors and nurses calm down confident they did all they could to save the survivor. They transport the survivor to a separate room to watch over him.
A black Cadillac pulls up to the emergency room door. A broad shouldered gray haired man steps out of the car wearing a navy blue suit. Two men wearing black suits step out from the driver's side and the passenger's side. They are wearing dark sunglasses and seem to have a more muscle built body type. The old man signals for them to stay by the car as he goes into the hospital. They stand by the front of the car looking around the area studying the structure of the building and the many cars parked within the parking lot.
The broad shouldered man with gray hair walks through the emergency entrance. He looks around and sees an average sized man wearing a doctors uniform standing by the emergency room desk. The doctor is wearing an ID badge with the name of Dr. Carrey on it. He sees him talking with two medical pilots. The old man with gray hair talks with Dr. Carrey, then they walk to the back of the emergency rooms to an area off limits to most people. They walk down a long hallway and then stop at the last room. They look into the room through the glass-paneled door. The survivor of the car wreck has been mummified with bandages while medical devices, wires; breathing tubes are connected to him to keep him alive. The man with the graying hair looks worried.
Dr. Carrey signals for a group of nurses to help move the survivor out to the helicopter-landing pad. The man with the graying hair watches how well trained they are and how efficiently they work together. He taps Dr. Carrey on the shoulder and nods his head for him to come with him into another room. The man with the graying hair looks back at the room with the patient and then he looks at the doctor. They seem to argue about something and the man with the graying hair takes out an ID badge from his inside jacket pocket. Dr. Carrey becomes worried thinking that he was pulling out a gun. The man with the graying hair shows his ID badge to Dr. Carrey. The words 'Dr. Darryl Zanafrin' is written on the ID badge. Dr. Carrey is shocked to see that his ID badge is a high level Government Medical badge with classified and top secret material printed all over it.
Dr. Zanafrin leaves the doctor in the room by himself. He heads down the hallway following the others pushing the patient outside onto the hospital helicopter landing area. Dr. Carrey walks back to the emergency room desk. He picks up a clipboard with the room number of the survivor. He writes his name on the bottom of the piece of paper. Then he picks up a rubber stamp with red ink on it and stamps the word 'DECEASED' onto the paper.
At the helicopter pad the pilots and the nurses secure the survivor into the back of the helicopter. There is a design of three stars and a comet etched on the tail of the helicopter. All the monitors are showing normal readings. They shut the back of the helicopter as the nurses walk away. The man with the graying hair looks back at the hospital's rear entrance and sees the Dr. Carrey looking at him. They exchange no good byes or signaling any farewells. The man with the graying hair steps into the front of the helicopter as the pilots start up its engines.
The air whips around the helicopter pad as the nurses enter the hospital. Dr. Carrey watches the helicopter float into the air and then fly off into the setting sun. He looks at the file folder that was made for the survivor. The name 'John Doe' is hand written on the side of the folder and the word 'DECEASED' is stamped next to it.)

(A high ranking General and Dr. Zanafrin, watch through a glass observation window at a group of scientists working on the remains of the survivor. Dr. Zanafrin takes notes on readouts that are being printed out through a computer console by the window. The General looks on with such a poker face that a person would be unsure if he is excited, worried or even disappointed. The only sounds echoing around the room is the sound of the computer console printing out the readouts. Every once in awhile the General looks at the clock above the observation window as it ticks tocks the minutes away from 10:21 to 10:22 pm.
Within the next room five scientists work franticly to put the survivor back together as quickly as possible. Strange looking machines pump a golden metallic liquid through an IV drip into the survivor. Some of the scientists are surgically cutting open parts of his body removing cracked or broken bones. On a table at the side of the room are trays of golden metallic looking bones that resemble an arm bone, hand bones, two leg bones, three rib bones and a jawbone. The scientists replace the broken bones with the new golden metallic looking bones. The burnt and cut flesh of the survivor begins to glow with a gold tint as the golden liquid is floating through the survivor's veins. Some of his flesh appears to be healing very quickly. They operate on the survivor as if it was a textbook operation, yet they have no clue what they can accomplish with the damage the survivor has sustained.
The General watches the operation as if it was a polka contest, very boring. The clock ticks away more as the time changes to 5:21 am.
The General and Dr. Zanafrin sit at a small desk drinking coffee and playing blackjack. A tall man around 30 years old with dirty blonde hair wearing a long white scientist coat walks into the room. His coat pocket is full of pens, pencils and markers. He has a name badge hanging around his neck. The words 'Dr. A. Stewart' is written on the name badge. He seems displeased by the sight of the General and Dr. Zanafrin playing cards. The General and Dr. Zanafrin continue with the blackjack game they are in.
Dr. Stewart, the man with the dirty blonde hair walks over to the computer console and looks at the printouts to find out the printing has stopped. The General looks up at Dr. Stewart and sees how he is looking at the printouts. He then looks inside the operating room and watches the scientists cleaning up the area around the patient and place bandages on him. Dr. Stewart pulls on the read outs and is confused at how the printer has stopped.
Dr. Zanafrin and the General look at each other and then they drop the cards and rush up to the computer console. They almost bump Dr. Stewart to the floor rushing to check the printouts. Dr. Zanafrin walks up to the observation window and pushes the intercom panel to talk with the scientist in the operating room.
Dr. Stewart bangs on the glass observation window trying to get the attention of the scientists helping Dr. Zanafrin.
Within the room a scientist looks at the observation window seeing Dr. Stewart bang on the window. He can't hear what he is saying or the sound of him hitting the glass. Dr. Stewart points to the monitors. The sounds of machines beeping and the air pumping the golden liquid into overpower the sound of the heart monitor. The scientist looks over and notices that the monitors have stopped. He alerts the other scientists to the monitors. They were so focused on the operation and the surgery that they become freaked out by the sight of the monitors. They push aside the surgical equipment and drag over a crash cart. A scientist notices that all the IVs have been drained of the golden liquid and checks it to see if there is a leak. Two other scientists prepare the paddles to zap the patient. A scientist clears the patient's chest as another rubs jell onto the paddles. The scientist slams the paddle against the patient's chest shooting electricity through him. They look at the monitors. The graphs spike up and then flat line again.
The General, Dr. Zanafrin and Dr. Stewart watch with worried looks. All they can do is stand there and wait. Dr. Zanafrin looks at the computer console and sees it printing again. He checks the readings on it and becomes confused.
The scientist zaps the patient again. They look at the monitors and see nothing happening. They turn the machine up higher and then zap the patient again.
Dr. Zanafrin looks at the printouts. He recognizes what it means and then bangs on the window trying to get the scientist's attention.
The scientists zap the patient again and then check the monitors again. They become confused at the graph on the monitor. The monitors flat line again and they zap him again. One of the scientists notices Dr. Zanafrin banging on the window trying to get them to stop. Before the scientist can stop the other scientist from zapping the patient electric energy becomes transferred into the patient. The scientist sees the graph spike up and down on the monitor. They step away from the patient as his body begins to bounce up and down. They notice that his burnt skin changed, but not really changed, but healed. The wrinkled red surface of his skin changed to the smooth and pink color, as it would normally be. The scientists stop moving as small objects like the surgical knives, cotton balls, and empty IV bags begin to raise in the air.
Inside the observation room Dr. Zanafrin ducks to the floor. The General stays standing unafraid of anything that can happen. Dr. Stewart looks around confused wondering what to do.
The eyes of the patient starts to glow with a blue tint as a blue energy shock wave emanates from his body expanding outwards knocking everything over and pushing the scientists up against the walls and the observation window.
The General places his arm over his face to protect his eyes from the bright flashes of electricity exploding as the machines within the room explode. The observation window becomes cracked as another blue energy wave expands across the room again. Dr. Stewart falls backwards tripping over a chair trying to rush away from the window afraid that it is going to explode into the room.
Inside the operating room the energy wave stops. The scientist bodies lay flat on the floor bloody and dead. The patient lays on the operation table still unconscious. No burn marks or operation scares are on his body. His body is fully healed with no major scarring and with no hair on any part of his body.
The General looks into the operation room. The monitors are all shattered so nothing becomes printed out. The patient's chest rises up and down showing that he is breathing. Dr. Stuart gets up and looks into the operating room and then at General Welks. Dr. Zanafrin stands up and looks at the observation window and notices that it is cracked only on the inside of the room. He looks at the General.
Dr Stuart looks at the printouts and shuffles them across the floor.
The General looks around the floor at the readouts and at how Dr. Stuart is trying to study them. Dr. Stewart looks up at them as if he was just told they found the Holy Grail. The General looks into the operation room and notices how the patient is completely healed. He then focuses his vision onto the glass observation window and can see the reflection of Dr. Stewart looking at the printouts on the floor.)

(Dr. Zanafrin and the General place on thick, white environmental suits. They connect oxygen tanks to their waists and then check that all seals and zippers are secure. They follow three others that are dressed in the same suits into a subzero freezer like room. Clouds of cold air float around the room as powerful generators blast the room with below zero temperatures. The small room is barley big enough to fit the three people pushing in a cryogenics tub. A fully bald male is frozen within a light green slimy substance. They push the tube past two other cryogenics tubes. On the glass panel of the first cryogenics tube are the words - PROTOTYPE #1 with a blue outline of a bird flying and the design of three stars and a comet etched next to it. On the second tube has the same writing and symbol but it reads - PROTOTYPE #2. The three men place the third tube next to the other two as the General and Dr. Zanafrin watch.
A release of air is spurted out when the tube is disconnected from the stretcher they carried the tube on. Mini computers protected by plastic covers are connected to the third tube. It shows a graph about oxygen levels and neural levels of the patient. With a loud thunk the tube is placed securely into the wall socket. The three men in the white suits step away from the tube and push the stretcher out of the room.
Dr. Zanafrin wipes a little of the frost off the tube. His own reflection is seen over the man inside. The man looks so peaceful frozen within the tube. He goes up to the second tube and brushes frost away to see another male. He then walks up to the first tube to see a female with gold tinted skin.
He exits the room leaving Dr. Zanafrin alone looking at the three tubes.
He leaves the room too. The sound of generators breathing out cold air is all that is left to keep the three prototypes company.
Dr. Zanafrin closes the thick metal door sealing the subzero room. He walks into the changing room and watches General Welks remove the thick white environmental suits he is wearing. The General looks over at Dr. Zanafrin. He says nothing for he knows what Dr. Zanafrin is thinking. Dr. Zanafrin removes his environmental suit. Three technicians wearing environmental suits helps them take off their suits
The General straightens out his uniform and places his Generals hat on. Dr. Zanafrin puts on a long white jacket. The technicians place the environmental suits away into lockers.)

(The hissing sounds of steam and the screeching sounds of an alarm echoes across the large power facility room filled with the atomic core reactor and electric power cell batteries. The expression on Dr. Zanafrin face makes him look scared beyond comprehension. He sent the soldier out of there and volunteered to stay and try to fix the leak but he could not. He stares at the exploding electrical panels on the walls and listens to the high pitched screams coming from within the atomic core reactor. All the gauges on the control panels look like the fourth of July in Paris. He realizes he can't do any more and runs a marathon sprint out of the control room. As he runs up the metal stairs and across the metal catwalks out of the central core he looks down across the room. All those years of hard work he has accomplished here has come to an end. His long white lab coat waves behind as he hurries up the emergency stairwell to the main entrance door way. He does not make it out the door before it automatically closes and locks on front of him. He looks through the glass window positioned at the center of the door. He sees a man approaching the power facility room. A bald man with completely black eyes runs towards the closed door. He sees Dr. Zanafrin through the glass window. His chiseled muscle figure expands through his black short-sleeved shirt as he tries to open the door. He digs fingers deep into the sides of the metal door as he tries to bend it open. Everything becomes dark as some of the power generators shut down. The only thing that remains on is the red emergency light that blazes forth from the darkness, giving everything an eerie blood red color. Dr. Zanafrin tries to speak to the man but he can't be heard over the sounds of the explosions. The man looks at Dr. Zanafrin as he struggles to bend the door open trying to free him. The metal door is too thick and strong to bend. Dr. Zanafrin knows his end is near. He signals with his hands an exploding motion and lips the words 'KABOOM'. The power generators explode around the Dr. Zanafrin covering him with smoke, fire and debris. The man can hear metal breaking as more explosions erupt.
The man knows that he can't rescue Dr. Zanafrin so he runs back down the corridor he had just come from. The man runs up an emergency staircase as the shock waves from the explosions shake the walls. Smoke slowly leaks into the staircase as he runs higher up the levels. He reaches the top of the staircase and reaches the emergency door. A fireball fills the staircase blasting right towards him. He has no time to exit the staircase as he is shot through the door.
A small mountain range explodes into the air. The once quiet and remote farm area resting by the mountain range becomes annihilated with a deadly force blast. A ripple effect spreads outwards across the farm fields creating a perimeter of collapsing tunnels. The clouds high above open up, standing aside giving the blast room to expand. Shock waves hit the nearby trees, bushes, and farm buildings. They seem to bow before its might. One final blast levels the small mountain range creating a large mushroom cloud into the bright blue sky.)

- chapter one -

The bright yellow lights of a battery operated digital alarm clock blinks for 9:00 am. The yellow lights spread the darkness of the room enough to illuminate a single male sitting up on a single size bed. The grey colored sheet has fallen off him and piled onto his legs. The man rubs his hands across his face and head instinctively wiping off sweat but there is none anywhere on his almost fully nude body. His chest rises up and down as he breaths heavily from the nightmarish images of his dreams. The man shakes his head trying to get rid of the images that have entered him mind once again. Images of memories from the last two years since he awoken from a fatal car accident that left him with more scars than one person should have.
He shoves the sheet off and sits at the edge of his single size bed, his feet landing on the small rug lined up next to it. He is wearing a gray pair of boxer briefs with no other items of clothes. He turns on a small lamp on a night table near the head of the bed. Faded scars spread across his entire body can be fully seen now. The scars look decades old and not years old.
The yellow lights of the battery operated alarm clock stationed by the lamp changes from 9:00 am to 9:01 am as it continues to beep loudly. The lone man swings his left arm over and slams his fist upon the poor defenseless alarm clock and shatters it. With a moment of regret he looks at the alarm clock. He opens the only drawer of the night table slowly moving all the pieces of the alarm clock into the drawer. Inside the drawer there is a couple of other broken alarm clocks. He closes the drawer and walks away, but the drawer does not shut completely. Inside the drawer the alarm clock flashes its last yellow light and then dies.
The man walks away from the bed and goes to a large bedroom closet on the other side of the room. The closet is only a forth full of items. There are only a dozen pieces of clothes hanging up and several storage boxes at the bottom of it. The man bends down and removes another battery-operated alarm clock and sits back on the bed. He takes the alarm clock out of the box, rests it on the nightstand, and then sets the time. He continues on with his day as if this situation was a normal occurrence. He goes back to the closet and throws a pair of black military pants, a black short-sleeved shirt and gray socks onto the bed. He stands by the bed looking at the clothes. He shrugs his shoulders looking at the same old clothes he wears everyday and is unsure what to do next.
After he has gotten dressed the man walks into a living room area where there is three metal folding chairs, opened and set up in the middle of the large room. Next to the chairs is another nightstand where there is a lamp and a picture framed resting on it. On the shelves below is a book that has been burned so that only half the book remains. Inside the book is a brown paper bag that has the design of popcorn on it. There is scorch marks from where it was by a fire but was not burnt. Next to the book are a single shoe that has been burnt and a CD case that also has been burnt. The group can still be seen on the cover, it is Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe album. The man sits on the folding chair closest to the nightstand and turns on the lamp. He then picks up the framed picture and looks at it. It is the type of picture that is taken a t a photo booth at a circus. The type of picture where there is six small photos lined up on top of each other. Within the picture frame is three of the six photos and part of it has been burnt. The images show a man and a woman smearing ice cream all over each other's faces. The full detail of them cannot be seen since their faces are covered by the ice cream and the scorch marks from it being burnt has got rid of the rest.
The man places the picture frame back and looks at the other burnt items. The expression on his face is of being confused. He looks hard and long at the items like a detective trying to figure out a mystery but is unable to figure out the clues.
He makes himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a small glass of soda. After he finishes it all the man leaves his small apartment. He walks pass the same designed apartment doors as his and stops at an elevator at the end of the long hallway. The double doors open and he enters looking back down the hallway with completely black eyes. He takes out a pair of circular sunglasses from his pants pocket and places them across his eyes as the elevator doors close.
When the doors open again he enters another long hallway with the same type of designed doors but there are plaques on each one with numbers and names etched into each one. He walks down the hallway and stops at a door that has a plaque with the words - 'Dr. Elizabeth Hooks' etched on it. He knocks three times.
“Enter.” said a females voice from beyond the door.
He enters the room and sees a 52-year-old woman standing by a large wooden desk placing files within a skinny briefcase. Her brunette colored hair is tied back into a ponytail. She is wearing a black dress suit. She does not react to him entering and continues to fill up the briefcase. He looks around the office and notices how it is one of the most organized offices in the whole project. The shelves are full with neatly stacked folders and books. The photos, certificates, and awards are all clean and dusted. Everything on the wide wooden desk is well organized, from the container of pens and pencils to the stack of files. There is one thing that stands out from all the other stuff on the desk and that is a snow globe with a Hawaii setting. It has one palm tree; a little bamboo hut and sand that is harden to form a beach.
At the other side of the room is a couch and a recliner that is vacuumed and steam mopped every day so they look as new as the day they were bought. The only thing that is really messy in the office is the coffee table positioned on front of the couch. Crossword puzzles, brainteasers, and other types of mind-boggling magazines are piled high on it. Half the magazines are finished while the other half are being worked on.
“Dr. Hooks” said the man.
“Yes Logan.” said Dr. Hooks.
“Do you have a minute?” said Maxwell Logan.
“Just a couple Logan.” said Dr. Hooks.
“I been having nightmares again.” said Maxwell Logan.
Dr. Hooks stops placing the files into the briefcase and she turns around. She looks at him and sees an enigma. A man who has a well defined muscled body hiding underneath baggy clothes, an emotionless face hiding underneath sunglasses. All of that did not matter to her it was his body language that made her realize what he was feeling. A feeling of being scared, uncertain of whom he is, of being alone.
“Ok, lets talk,” said Dr. Hooks.
Logan sits down on the recliner chair as Dr. Hooks walks up to him. She takes off his sunglasses and looks at his completely black eyes to get a better sense of how he feels. She sits down next to him on the couch.
“These nightmares of yours are just memories of what you have experienced since you awoken with no memory. I know it's hard to understand what to do with your life since you don't know your own experiences. But life is all about making new experiences.” said Dr. Hooks.
Logan looks down away from her. Dr. Hooks gives him the sunglasses back and then takes out a small bag hiding under the coffee table.
“I would like to try something different today Logan. It might get your mind off from your nightmares.” said Dr. Hooks.
“Ok.” said Maxwell Logan.
She takes out two small boxes. One has the words 'Sports Trivia' and the other has the words 'Comic Crusades: Comic Book Trivia' on it. She opens the 'Sports Trivia' box.
“Can you tell me who were the comedy team who wrote 'Who's on first, What's on second, and I don't know is on third?” said Dr. Hooks.
“Abbott and Costello.” said Maxwell Logan.
Dr. Hooks' eyes widen as she becomes shocked that he knew the right answer so quickly.
“Fascinating. How about something else.” said Dr. Hooks.
She takes a trivia card from the 'Comic Crusade' box. She reads it first and then covers up the answer.
“What is Captain America's secret identity name?” said Dr. Hooks.
“Steve Rogers.” said Maxwell Logan.
Dr. Hooks flips over the card and reads the answer.
“It is Steve Rogers. How did you know that?” said Dr. Hooks.
“I don't know, I really don't know. Some answers just come to me as if they were common knowledge while others I have to struggle to figure it out. Most of the time I don't know what I am saying when I say it,” said Maxwell Logan.
“Calm down Logan. I am sorry, maybe doing trivia questions was not the right thing to do to keep your mind off your past,” said Dr. Hooks.
“So what am I supposed to do then?” said Maxwell Logan.
“Logan the only thing I can say is go and have some fun.” said Dr. Hooks, “Watch a movie, write a story, start a journal, get a hobby, and go out with someone. Maybe, you should try dating, there are plenty of single females working here.”
"Dating? As in fall in love with someone?” said Logan.
“Yes Logan, go on a date, fall in love experience new things.” said Dr. Hooks.
“I will try it,” said Maxwell Logan.
“Do or do not, there is no try,” said Dr. Hooks. “It's an old saying but it still works Logan. Do something fun. It might erase those bad dreams of yours and give you good ones.”
Dr. Hooks places the trivia cards back underneath the coffee table.
“LOGAN, REPORT TO THE COMMAND LEVEL IMMEDIATELY,” said a males voice with a Russian accent transmitted over the intercom system.
They both look up at the ceiling and then at each other.
“That's you,” said Dr. Hooks.
“Yeah.” said Maxwell Logan.
He walks slowly out of the office as if the message was not of any real importance. Dr. Hooks watches him leave and then pauses to think for a moment.
“Go save the world Logan, it's what you are good at.” said Dr. Hooks.

Logan comes out of the elevator entering the Command Level. The doors slowly close behind him as he walks pass a large table with chairs positioned evenly around it. There are small computer screens on front of each chair. At the center of the table and on the ceiling directly above it is two satellite dish shaped objects. At the back of the level is a bald man sitting in a wheelchair looking at the main screen. There is an image of the map of the world on the main screen. There are four smaller screens on each side of the big screen. At the side of the room by a wall of semi-transparent glass panels is an older man wearing a four-star general uniform. He is pacing back and forth. As Logan walks up to the man in the wheelchair the area around Japan becomes enlarged. Logan can hear the footstep of the General pacing back and forth and looks over at him. The General looks at his watch a little worried. He sees Logan looking back at him.
“Where is she?” said General Welks.
“I just talked with her. She is getting ready,” said Maxwell Logan.
The man in the wheelchair looks at Logan.
“The C.I.A. just received information from one of their sources in Japan. The Symiaki Clan has bought advanced weapons from an unknown source. The strange part is that it was shipped in a container around the size of a soda can. All information is being downloaded to the stealth now. Get down to the armory, prepare for a full house. If the situation is more than you can handle call for back up,” said Robert K'zar with a Russian accent.
“What about picking up Mr. Peterton?” said Maxwell Logan.
“He can wait,” said General Welks.
Logan simply nods his head and runs to the door with the semi-transparent glass panels. It slides open and Maxwell Logan runs down the hallway as the door slides shut. The General looks at his watch again. The image on the large screen changes again and zooms into the city of Hong Kong.
A strange humming is heard as the two-satellite dish like objects flashes with a blue light. Blue energy slowly sprinkles off the objects and join together in a beautiful dance of lights. It creates a 3-D blueprint holographic image of three, one hundred story skyscrapers. Each one is the same shape and size. General Welks looks over at the fully rendered 3-D holographic image. It matches the image of the three buildings on the main screen.
The 3-D blueprint image is of the X'iang Sho Tri-Towers. It becomes brighter as the ceiling lights become turned down to less than a forth of what it was at. A couple feet away within the shadows surrounding the holographic imaging table K'zar moves in for a closer inspection of the 3-d image. He sees a dozen red dots moving around different sections of the north tower.
General Welks can be heard moving around the darkness and then he is heard walking up to the holographic table. He looks at the holographic image with a blank expression. K'zar is unable to tell what he might be thinking but he knows that there is nothing he can do about it. General Welks looks at his watch again and paces around the holographic table.
“Where is she?” said General Welks.
“What time do you have to get there?” said K'zar.
“In an hour.” said General Welks.
“You have plenty of time, why the big hurry?” said K'zar.
The low-pitched pinging noise of the elevator doors opening is heard. The light from within the elevator spreads the darkness aside revealing K'zar and General Welks. Dr. Hooks steps out of the elevator.
“It's about time, what took you so long?” said General Welks.
Dr. Hooks steps out of the elevator and then walks towards the semitransparent paneled glass door. The double elevator doors close behind her and the room becomes dark again. Light brightens the room again as the semi-transparent glass paneled door slides open. Dr. Hooks stands in the door way waiting.
“Aren't you coming? We're going to be late,” said Dr. Hooks.
General Welks looks at K'zar and then walks away from the holographic table.
“Good luck.” said K'zar.
General Welks stops in the doorway watching Dr. Hooks walk down the brightly lit hallway. He then turns around and looks back at K'zar.
“K'zar, why did you lower the brightness of the lights?” said General Welks.
“It is better to see the holographic images with the lights lowered,” said K'zar.
“Inform me when he completes the mission.” said General Welks.
“Of course General Welks.” said K'zar.
General Welks looks at the holographic image and then disappears down the hallway. The door slides close and the darkness fills the room once again. K'zar watches the red dots moves across the 3-D blue print of the north tower and can only imagine what they are doing.

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